Saturday, November 3, 2012

Office Copy BOO!!! - New Product Release - MESH

Proud to present our first Mesh product. the long overdue Office Affair Copier!

3 Land Impact, 79 animations. Male/Female and Female/Female menus

Transfer Version - 600L

Copy Version 1850L

Available at the store in world and on the Marketplace

Come give it a try!

This product is Mesh so you will need a mesh enabled viewer in order to view it properly. 



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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A couple more Halloween Products

Boo's Coffin is available in both Transfer and Copy Formats, contains 119 Animations and is only 8 prims

The Crypt comes in at 40 prims and has lamps with click on/off or auto on/off.

Available in store and on the marketplace



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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boo's Coffin Bed - New Release October 25 2012

Some of you know I haven't been around much due to some health issues, so I have to give a huge thank you to 2 very good friends for helping me get this product that I started about a month ago, finished in time for Halloween! Thank you Sarah and Lil! Much love!

Boo's Coffin Bed (with D/S menu)

Boo's Bits is proud to present this Spoooooky bed for lovers, dead or alive! The Coffin Bed is that something a little different for your home, castle or lair! 

Containing 179 quality animations (143 in Girl/Girl version) you will find everything you expect out of a Boo's Bits bed and more! Only 13 prims and menus for singles, Friends, Boy/Girl couples, Girl/Girl couples, and even some D/S options for the kinkier couple!

Standard cuffs are included for the D/S chained options, but they should work with most common cuffs used in Second Life.

NOTE: When using the D/S Menu you will rez 4 additional prims as posts are added to the bed for chains. 

Perfect for the Halloween season or just that gothic decor you have! The Coffin Bed will become an essential part of your furniture collection!

Available in both Copy and Transfer versions depending on what your needs are, and I am selling it at a ridiculously low price until November 1st!

Unisex Transfer Version - 800L
Unisex Copy Version - 2500L
Lesbian Transfer Version - 600L
Lesbian Copy Version - 2000L

Come and get it!

That's all I have for new products for now.. I do however have a sale on the Retro lapdance lounger. Ended up not being a great seller, so I have decided to retire it. Prices have been lowered on the Transfer and copy versions and will be on sale until I remove them (anywhere from 1-2 weeks from now)

Thanks everyone!



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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rub-A-Dub BOO!! - New Products / Sept 8 2012

Rustic Bath - 13 Prims / 79 Quality Animations / Copy and Modify / 1350L

Standard Bath / 8 Prims / 61 Quality Animations / Modify and Copy / 1150L

Now Available at the Boo's Bits Main Store or at Boo's Marketplace Store



Friday, August 10, 2012

New Product Releases Aug 10th 2012

48 Prims 25x20m - 500L

122 prims - 20x22 footprint - 800L

 294prims - 30x30 footprint - 1250L

Copyable table sets, 3 tables (2 seat, 3 seat and 4 seat) in a copy format with 3 male and 3 female animations in each seat

Prim count vaires between 6-11 depending on set and how many chairs. 1000L for copy version.

All Products now available at the Boo's Bits Main Store or on the marketplace

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Product Release - Aug 1st 2012

2 new products this week.

The Rhiannon Bed  (Unisex and Lesbian versions available in all colors)

 Unisex Version - 24 Prims 283 Animations 1500L

Lesbian Version - 24 prims 191 Animations 1250L

Pickles Pub (Joint Commercial product by Jon Enimo with Furniture by Boo's Bits

This prefab was originally created and sold on the Marketplace by Jon Enimo with Textures by Iris Maskelyne. Jon has since passed it to me at Boo's Bits to furnish and re-release as as Boo's Bits Prefab.

It sells completely furnished for 1200L

Also a quick note on my Prefabs, I have taken them off of a platform and put them back in a rez station on the main level. We will see how that works. if it creates more lag on the sim I will look at another option. Mainly I think a lot of people did not see I had buildings for sale so putting them on the ground instead of hiding them above may be a better option.

Both these new products are available at the Boo's Bits Main store or in Boo's Marketplace Store!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stool and bed and BOO oh my - New Releases

 Boo's Sex Stool

Unisex only
3 Prims
85 Animations

Boo's Beds - The Morgen

Unisex Version - 285 Animations - 1500L
Lesbian Version - 192 Animations - 1250L
18 prims



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Friday, July 20, 2012

New Releases - July 20th 2012

Decided to keep these new release postings shorter with just info on the products. Lots of new releases this weekend.


Sells for 800L, Seats 5 people per row with 3 animation options in each chair. Mod/Copy. 36 Prims

Sells for 199L, same chairs as come with the Auditorium Set to seat 5 with different animation options. Mod/Trans. 6 prims

2 prims each log, sells for 300L. 9 Animations Mod/Trans

500L sell price, 2 prims, New menu options from the old version. Mod/Transfer. 48 Animations

199L Sell price, Seats 2 Avatars with 6 different animation options for each seat. Mod/Trans3 Prims

600L, includes couch that seats up to 8 Avatars, and blinds that open/close. Also has light system that can be turned on/off manually or it will automatically change with the sunset/sunrise. Mod/Copy. 20 Prims for Gazebo, couch is 40 prims.



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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Going Retro with BOO!! - New Lapdance Products

Well hello there my lovelies! It's been a pretty fun week for me. If you didn't already know, all my lapdance chairs and loveseats are on sale until July 15th at Midnight! So now is a GREAT time to upgrade to a copy version or buy another flavor (or if you don't have one yet...why not? Come get one!)

And keeping with that theme I have a new Lapdance product for you, before you groan and say "Another lap dance product?" there is something in this version that sets it apart from the others (aside from the retro style)

Boo's Retro Lapdance Lounger!

Included in this beautiful low prim lounger are all the great animation sets you have come to love in our other lapdance products, as well as new animations and for the first time a M/F/F menu!

Now you can entertain two potential suitors at once! It doesn't get much better than that!

229 quality Animations designed and configured to offer a wide range of options. Seperate Menus for Boy/Girl, Female/Female, M/F/F, M/M/F and F/F/F configured sets!

Oh did I mention this bad boy is only 3 prims? Yeah, It's only 3 prims! (and the shadow prim can be removed if you have shadows enabled on your viewer, which would bring it to only 2 prims!). Perfect for small land or linden homes!

Transfer Version sells at the launch price of 1000L (will go up after the 15th to 1700L) and the Copy version sells for 2300L (Will go up after the 15th to 3800L). Come down and give it a try! I think you'll like it!

Please remember that these products are made with sculpt maps so it will take a moment for the textures to load at the main store

All prices on the Lapdance products will be raised after midnight on the 15th, so don't delay! Tell your friends!

I also want to mention I am now full time Boo's Bits*, so I have a lot more time than I used to for things. That means I can do custom orders again, and I have more time to do promotions for Boo's! If you have a product you want, or a promotion idea for me, please drop a note in my Suggestion box at the store, or email me at

As a side note, many of you may have noticed I have a jazzy style club at the sim. My friend Jon has also set up his Pub at the sim. We are thinking of running some events, but not entirely sure what kinds of events to run. This is where you come in!

Come by the store and drop off a suggestion for what kind of events you'd like to see at either of these two venues. ie: live music, contests, dance events etc. We'll review them and then decide what we want to do from there!

Thank you all so much for the continued support of Boo's Bits!



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*Just because I said full time Boo's Bits, does not mean I will be logged in 24/7. It just means it is my only job right now. I do have a life outside of SL i need to attend to at times, but my availability is much higher now! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

BOO so Lofty! - Boo's Loft Bed Product Release

Once again taking suggestions from my customers, I took the top bunk from my Bunk V3, and reconfigured the menu so that it was more unique from the Bunk Bed version!

Boo's Loft Bed

I know it seems like a bit of a cheat, but it does make for a really unique bed style! Created a new shadow prim for it and added several animations to use the whole area rather than just the top!

Available in Both Unisex and Lesbian versions as well as both Copy and Transfer formats! It is only 14 prims and the Shadow Prim is removable if your computer is super powered and uses the graphics shadows!

Unisex Version - 224 Animations 

Trans version 1150L
Copy Version 3300L

Lesbian Version - 161 Animations

Trans Version - 999L
Copy Version -3100L

Available in the same colors as the V3 Bunk

Now available in the Boo's Main Store or at Boo's Marketplace Store!



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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washing off The BOO!!! - New Product Release

Hi everyone! Really excited about this new product! It came as a customer suggestion and a really good one too!!

Tired of trying to find that perfect shower to compliment your home? Fear not! Boo's Bits has a solution for you!

Boo's Shower Anywhere!

Now you can place a shower against any wall you want, and have a variety of showering and sensual animations to use as you get washed up for the day!

*You can shower anywhere but you need to have land permissions to rez it)

There are three flavors, a standard version with all the showering and sexy goodness, a PG version for just the showering and a D/S version for those who are a bit more kinky!

And here is something you will like! They are COPYABLE. That's right, rez as many times as you need to with no fear of loss!

Also they are very low prim! Only 5 prims for the PG and Standard and only 14 prims for the D/S (what with all those places to get chained up!

Standard version sells for only 800L - 48 Animations

PG Version for 350L - 14 Animations

D/S Version for 1200L - 88 Animations

Considering they are copyable versions, I think I'm at a fairly good price point there

That's it for now! I need to go celebrate me some Canada Day! Have a great week everyone!!



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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bridge over the River BOO 2!! - New release

Not a lot of time today so Just going to give you the basics!

Very pleased to release this new version of the Bridge of Romance. Larger size, some more animations and some new scripting in the phantom prims to ensure they work properly under all circumstances!

What's new:

- New scripting in the phantom sculpted prims that resolves a reset issue with the initial release
- New animation sets
- Longer length to work in more sim situations

What's the same:

- Single, Friends and couple menus
- Separate menus for Boy/girl and Girl/Girl couples
- PG product, no adult animations
- 16 prims
- Lamp system automatically starts up when sim sun goes down

49 Quality Animations

Copy and Transfer versions are available

Transfer version is 650L / Copy Version is 1500L

Come grab it at the in world store or at the Marketplace!!



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Bunking with BOO!! - Updated Bunk Bed Release!

I am in the process of updating some older items in the store, and re-examining products that didn't sell as well as I hoped. The goal is to release a better version of the product, taking in account the things my customers have asked for, and taking in account how much better I am at this now than I was when I started!

So this weeks new product is a rebuild of an old product. I am proud to present...

Boo's Bunk Bed V3

They are available in the usual Unisex and Girl/Girl only versions, and also available in Mod/Trans or Mod/Copy format.

You're probably wondering what is different so here's a brief run down for you

- New texturing on the bunks
- New Animation options
- All parts are now linked but still have 2 seperate menus for top and bottom bunk
- Top bunk has some different animation sets than the bottom bunk, and vice versa
- A copyable version being available
- Removable Shadow prim

The Unisex Version contains 192 animations in each bed and the Girl/Girl version has 132 in each. It comes in at 22 prims, which isn't too bad considering you are pretty much purchasing 2 beds for the price of one!

All the things you have loved about my products are here! Single sits, Friendly hang outs, Couples Romance and naughty time Animations!

A perfect addition to your home you can share it with another couple or hog it all to yourself!

Unisex Transfer Version 1350L
Unisex Copy Version - 3800L
Girl/Girl Transfer Version - 1250L
Girl/Girl Copy Version - 3500L

Hope you enjoy! The group gift is coming at the end of the month so make sure you are part of the VIP group for that...oh and you'll save 15% on most items, including these new bunks, if you wear that group tag when shopping in world!!

That's it for this week!



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