Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The BOO is Back!!!


I finally got some products finished and ready for release after having been distracted by tv since xmas lol. So lets not waste too much time yabbering on and saying sorry for taking so long...lets get right to the products!!

First up, my favorite new product:

This one is a nice Laundry room set with a animated Menu. It comes only in Unisex with Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl menus, is 18 prims and sells for a nice low price of 650L. Made with some very nice sculpted prims and containing 68 Quality animations, laundry has never been so much fun!!

It is available at the Boo's Main store and on the marketplace.

Here is a handy video demo of the product!

Next up, I have another bed named for a friend in the Classic series, The Shieva, which comes in 5 colors, and contains Single, Friends, Couples, Threesome and D/S animations. It also includes a new solo menu not on any of my other beds for "chained" animations. This is good for Captive Roleplay.

Unisex version contains 235 Animations, the Lesbian version 180. 15 Prims and Modify/Transfer

 Now Available at the Boo's store or the Marketplace

Last but not least I have a new couples couch, in both Unisex and Lesbian flavors. Comes in 6 Colors, and are packed full of all the animations you love to have!

It weighs in at 16 prims, the unisex version having 192 Animations and the Lesbian version having 123

All the products are now available in Store and on the marketplace. Come and get em!!!



Saturday, January 8, 2011


Todays blog is brought to you by the show 24, which everyone else watched ages ago, but I only discovered when the series box sets dropped to 14.99 a season. Also brought to you by me being a Slacker and unable to stop watching it.

In my last entry I talked about all these plans for Boo's this month, and how you would be seeing some new products soon. Well, 8 days into Jan and I haven't actually gotten to far.

So.....sorry about that.

The truth is, I don't have cable, so most of my tv viewing comes from downloading or dvd box sets. My usual routine is to sit down and watch a episode of something while I eat, then get back to whatever I am working on.

But this fucking show 24 has a habit of ending on a cliffhanger every single episode! Including the end of each season! I suppose it should be expected actually, considering the kind of show it is, but having up to season 6 on dvd is actually dangerous for the first time viewer. I don't have a forced wait period to see what happens next.

And every time I say to myself "i'll get something done after this episode" I find myself getting to the end and going "ah I can watch one more....". At least when it was airing, those people watching were forced to wait and could get other things done.

It's like tv crack and I have a endless supply!

That said, I am almost done season 4, and I am determined, in the same way CTU is determined, to get some shit done! :) so once I wrap up Tue season I am going to get hard at work on the new products and delay the aim redesign for another week while I do them.

I have 4 almost finished products so they will be the next releases. Expect them by next Wednesday.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you, or sl for that matter. Just got sidetracked! But never fear, the Boo is on the case, and will be back in the swing of things in no time!


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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hope everyone had a great holiday! If it was anything like mine then you saw family, ate way too much, had a few drinks, got Glee on DVD (YAY!), and just let yourself be lazy for a bit! On top of all that, Boo’s Bits had a very successful year, and ended with a bang! So thank you all for that!

I have had a very nice break from making things, which was needed, more so than I originally thought to be honest. It really gave me a chance to reset the wheels in my head and put some thought into what is next for Boo’s Bits and me over the next year. I am pleased to say that I have some fun things in mind for this year, and we'll continue to release new products and expand as a SL Business.

I'd like to share with you the rough plan for Boo's over the next couple of months, to give you an idea of what kind of stuff I'll be up to. Anything I list here is subject to change......I don't generally set plans too often as I hate when I don't reach goals, but this year I am doing a lot of things differently, in RL and in SL, so it seemed like as good a time as any to try setting some.

So without further delay, here is the Boo's Bits Business plan for the first quarter of 2011!


The big change in Jan, is going to be some remodeling of the Boo's Bits store at the Isle of Boo. I started in December but put it on hold over the holidays. My goal is to finish the remodeling by Mid Janurary, with very little interruption to regular accessibility to the sim. There may be a Wednesday when the sim can’t be accessed for a couple hours, but when that day comes I'll send a notice.

Also in January there will be 4 new Bed Releases, 1 Couch Release, a new Firepit, A Swing and a new Pier. Information on those products will come as released.

Some products will be retired this month as well, after reviewing all the sales data for the past year, there are just some things I made that nobody wanted (cries). Each of these products will be marked for retirement in the next few days, and will remain there until the remodelling is complete. Then they will be removed forever. So when you see the retirement sign, be sure you snag them while you can!


February is going to be Prefab month, where I switch my focus from Furniture for a bit and back to making some buildings for the Lil Town Series. I have had a lot of requests for more like that, so I specifically get dedicated to that this month.

On the agenda are the following buildings: Apartment Complex, Live Music Venue, Police Station, Community Center, Government Research Center, Lil Town Park and Two new Residential homes

I don’t expect to have all of those finished in February, but my goal is that at least a few those get done.

Even though February is going to be Prefab month, I will be releasing a special Lapdance Product as well, in time for Valentines Day. More info to come on Release

This month will also be the launch of the Boo's Bits PG Store, which will carry many of the products my regular store carries, but with all adult or mature content removed.

The launch will depend on when I find a good slice of land to use for it. Know of some nice Mainland PG for sale? Send me a notecard in SL and I’ll have a peek!

Thanks again for 2010, and helping put Boo's on the map!

Will put up another blog in a few days about the Jazz club I am opening on Isle of Boo. I'm pretty excited about it! Watch for that in a few days! New releases will start again in a week so keep an eye out for those too!

Lots of excitement to start this new year! I look forward to sharing it all with you!



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