Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaktime with Boo!

You Know i keep meaning to do more with this blog, but i keep getting caught up with stuff! ah well.


Boo's Office Affair - Break Station

I always kind of had a master plan for the Office Affair series, and this is something i wanted to do for a while. The Office Break Room, complete with Table and chairs, Counter, Water cooler and all the animation goodness you'd expect!

I included a standard break menu, which lets you and up to two other avatars sit around and take a load off in the middle of your hard day of work! Also included are Adult menu options, for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples!

on sale now for 850L

The Girl/Girl Felix Bed!

The second new release this week is a Bed just for the girls! As most of you know, the whole reason i got into making furniture was because there was a serious lack of products with decent girl/girl animations in them. The menus in this new bed are a tribute to that goal, containing only the very best animations, and a new lovers sequence set specifically made for Girl/Girl couples.

The bed includes Single, Couple and group menus, as well as specific D/S menus. The real bonus to this bed though is the "Lovers" sequence, which contains animations not seen before in a Boo's product (to find these animations on their own, look for the Oversight sub menu in the intimate section)

The bed is available now at the store and on the marketplace, selling for only 1150L

Please come give it a try, specifcally the sequence! You're going to LOVE these animations

In Other News

This weekend I will be upgrading the original Lapdance Chairs. I want to menu match the V1 with the V2 as I have had several requests for this. This also means the price will be going up to match the V2 price, making the only difference between the chairs the design. So until I do the replacement i have put the Ultimate Black, Red and Purple single chairs on Sale for 1000L, down from 1350L. If you want to get the original chair, this will be your last chance to do it.

Also the Raffles will end this Friday, and I want to thank everyone who has entered! some of you have even won more than once, and I swear i have nothing to do with it. It's all random in the scripting! Anyway, right now there is a special prize in the raffle ball (tis a surprise!!) so don't forget to enter! It changes every day around Midnight!

And lastly a big thank you to all of you for your support this past year, and your continued support of Boo's. While I will be taking a vacation here, Boo's will still be here. And when i get back, I'll hopefully have all sorts of new crazy ideas to work with :)

That's it from me!!! Take care everyone!!



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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Todays Special of the day!! - March 23rd!

Our Special item today is:

Boo's Ultimate Lapdance Chair - 1000L for today only!

Surprise Gift in the raffle ball today!!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st Year Ani-BOO-Sary - Contests, New Products, Sales....ALL BOO!!

Boo's Bits 1st Year Anniversary celebration begins ar 12:01am March 2nd! That's right, we survived after a whole year, and that's something! Not only that but thanks to you guys, we are doing pretty good at this too! so we may make a year 2!!

Anyway I have a lot of stuff to get out in this note so here you go!!


We will be having daily raffles for the month of March. Prizes will sometimes be items, Gift cards and of course Linden Dollars. To Enter just click the Gold ball by the counter at the main store entrance!

The Raffles are open to anyone who is willing to take the time to come by and click the ball! How much easier does that get? Free stufff? who doesn't love that?

The Raffle today is 1000L! Not a gift card, pure hard Linden cash!!! Who can't use some of that?


Also, something just for the ladies: Boo's Bits sponsors an event at A Woman's Touch 2 club (AWT2) every Friday between 7-9pm. Normally I give out a 350L gift certificate, but seeing as it is the Anniversary month, I'm going to be giving out a bit more! This Friday's event is "Birthday Suit" and I'm putting up 1000L gift card to be won! Lots you can get at Boo's with a 1000L gift card!


And finally, I am going to repeat last months contest/raffle. Every single person who spends more than 500L in the month of March will be automatically entered to win a 1000L Gift Card! I may just end up doing this every month. Not sure. We'll see how it goes!


Every day in March I will be putting up a different item for sale. Products can be anywhere between 10-50% off the regular price, but ONLY for a 24 hour period. So you may want to keep an eye out for daily specials!

I know people don't like a lot of spam, so I will try to keep the notices to a minimum. I will also have a board at the main counter that shows what the daily specials are. So I'd suggest just sneaking by when you get a chance and having a peek!

These are In store specials only

Today's item: Boo's Couples Sofa, On sale for 999L, regular price 1350L. Come and get it while the price is low!!

You have until 11:59pm on March 2nd to get it at that price!! You should see the Anniversary sign next to the Sofa!

I am pleased to announce the new Group Vendor!! Yes I have been teasing it for a bit, but it is FINALLY here. The group vendor is designed specifically for my new releases, to offer you (my lovely, sexy amazing group) my products at a lower rate than the regular selling price.

Couple things to note about the group vendor:

- Gift cards can not be used.

- You Must have been in the subscriber group for at least 30 days

- You will see two'll prolly want to pick the cheaper one :) Non members can try to buy from it but it will auto refund them and give them no product. Only group members can get the lower price

You will see the vendor by the reception desk at the main entrance!!

Somewhere in the middle of the month I will be sending out a new group gift. Working hard on this one. Hopefully you will like it!

There will be a few releases this month. Here are the first!

This new Campfire set comes in 2 versions. A PG version containing single sits and cuddles, and a Mature version containing Single Sits, Cuddles, Sex and Threesome animations! I am also releasing them in both a Copy and Transfer format (which you may see me do more of in the months ahead).

Each Log contains 9 Single sits and no pose balls are required. Set up with the Perfect Sitter system, you can adjust the position to fit your avatar easily.

The Tree stump is set up with the MLP menu system, allowing up to 3 people to sit. Inside you will find the usual easy to use menus for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples.

The PG Version has 63 Animations. The Mature version has 156. Weighs in at only 16 prims.

PG Version: 

Transfer Version - 700L

Copy Version - 1800L
Mature Version:

Transfer Version - 999L

Copy Version - 2500L

Right now the Mature version is available from the group vendor, in Transfer format. Group members only pay 799 until Friday!

You can find them at the front entrance if you want to give them a try :)

Boo's Table and Chair sets!

Also released today are some great table and chair sets, perfect for Commercial use, be in restaurants, Cafe's, Pubs, Clubs, Patios...whatever! Each seat contains 3 Female and 3 Male sits using the perfect Sitter system.

You have the option of Table and 2 chairs, Table and 3 chairs and Table with 4 Chairs. On top of that, they come in 8 different color options (yes the beige and white are slightly diffferent)!

The sell for 200, 300 and 400L depending on how many chairs you want with it!

I won't post images of all the colors here...that's be crazy considering....but here's some images of each table type.

 You can find these on the second level among the club stuff.

PHEW!!  that was a lot of info for a notice. OK everyone!!! Let the Anni-BOO-sary begin!!



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Boo's Bits vs Linden Lab Marketplace - Part 2

Since the last posting, I have had discussions with Linden Lab on the flagging, and got some vindication when a linden agreed on some of the flagged items shouldn't have been flagged.

That said, I am still dealing with a great deal of flagging from my items, specifically my lapdance chairs. These are my best selling products and I can't afford to not have them listed on the marketplace, so they are now listed under adult.

I don't agree that they should be under adult. I strongly believe they are a moderate item. Lapdance does not automatically mean sex, in fact i sell several chairs that don't even have a sex menu (any of my "basic" lapdance products only have the dance menus). They really are no different than any other piece of furniture that has a sex menu in them, except they have dances.

LL also told me that if i see items like my own that were flagged under general or moderate search I should flag them. I have been doing that, yet none of the items I flagged have been moved out of general or moderate. In fact, if you search Lapdance without being logged in (which defaults to general search only) you will still find 14 pages of products listed (I will admit that many of them are henmations dances, but there are still a number of stripper/sexual items in there)

So I am going to have to admit that the marketplace does not offer a fair slate for merchants, and do the best with it I can. When a item of mine gets flagged, I will most likely just put it under adult so that it can still be listed, and hope that consumers are checking off those options to see adult items.

Over the next month you will also see me release versions of my products without the sex menu, to be listed under general on the marketplace, with the specific note in the description: Adult versions of this product are available. please check off the "view moderate/adult items" checkbox to see them.

I also can't help but think that people don't know that if they are age verified the marketplace default search will be moderate if they are logged in. People could be flagging things thinking they should not be in general...when they already arn't. But what can you do about that? Not much...the information is out there, but not everyone is going to read it.

That's all I am going to say on this for now. Thanks to everyone to IM'd me with questions and words of support over this. Specifically to my fellow merchants who have been going through the same thing. The downside to doing business in SL, is that it is Linden Lab's world, and they get to interpret the rules they make however they like. Even when their own rules contradict their actions.