Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bunking with BOO!! - Updated Bunk Bed Release!

I am in the process of updating some older items in the store, and re-examining products that didn't sell as well as I hoped. The goal is to release a better version of the product, taking in account the things my customers have asked for, and taking in account how much better I am at this now than I was when I started!

So this weeks new product is a rebuild of an old product. I am proud to present...

Boo's Bunk Bed V3

They are available in the usual Unisex and Girl/Girl only versions, and also available in Mod/Trans or Mod/Copy format.

You're probably wondering what is different so here's a brief run down for you

- New texturing on the bunks
- New Animation options
- All parts are now linked but still have 2 seperate menus for top and bottom bunk
- Top bunk has some different animation sets than the bottom bunk, and vice versa
- A copyable version being available
- Removable Shadow prim

The Unisex Version contains 192 animations in each bed and the Girl/Girl version has 132 in each. It comes in at 22 prims, which isn't too bad considering you are pretty much purchasing 2 beds for the price of one!

All the things you have loved about my products are here! Single sits, Friendly hang outs, Couples Romance and naughty time Animations!

A perfect addition to your home you can share it with another couple or hog it all to yourself!

Unisex Transfer Version 1350L
Unisex Copy Version - 3800L
Girl/Girl Transfer Version - 1250L
Girl/Girl Copy Version - 3500L

Hope you enjoy! The group gift is coming at the end of the month so make sure you are part of the VIP group for that...oh and you'll save 15% on most items, including these new bunks, if you wear that group tag when shopping in world!!

That's it for this week!



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