Thursday, April 21, 2011

TGIBOO!!!! - New Product Releases!!

Hey everyone!! Hope April has been treating you all well :) Just in time for the weekend I have some new releases!OH! and Happy Easter Weekend....was so wrapped up in stuff this week i nearly forgot!!

I've been playing catch up with a bunch of items i started ages ago and never finished, so I am very happy to release a few of these things FINALLY finished.

First up though, the 3rd version of the Ultimate Lapdance chair is here!! This version contains the same menus as the other ultimate chairs, but has a bit of a different design. Something a bit more club friendly I have been told :)

One thing you will note, is I am only releasing two colors of it. Black and Cream. The main reason was that as I played around with the Cream version, I found using the color menu in build gave a lot of options. So rather than create new textures for several different colors, I left it just cream and Modify. So if you want a purple one, just open your build menu and change the color! If you mess up, don't panic, just reset the color to White and you'll get the default look!

Sells for same price as the others, 1500L per chair, Bulk Pricing available.

A release I have been meaning to get out for a while now but keep forgetting is Boo's Dance Podium!

This is pretty much exactly like my Snowglobe Dancepad, but not a seasonal build. You can put your own dances inside and access them through a menu system, or set it on Random to cycle through them. I have thrown in 1 dance to get your started!

Comes in a Transfer version for 350L and a Copy version for 1200L

I did promise some prefabs this month so next up I have a a Commercial building, that many of you may have seen on my sim, being used by Fantasy Photography. I finally got around to linking everything properly and putting it in a Rezzer so I could sell it.

I call it a photostudio, because that was the original intent when making it, but it could be used for almost any kind of commercial store or office. It is on display on the Prefab platform. Fits on a 26x30 piece of land, and is 65 prims. Windows to come with a tinting system that allows you to tint the inside and outside of the windows differently.

Sells for the nice low price of 450L

Had a lot of fun making this one. A Outdoor stage for Live Music!

The stage includes everything you need to start booking your own outdoor concerts! Microphones on stands, Monitors, Speakers and amps included and the whole thing is Copy/Modify. It comes in a Rezzer, but I have also included a version of just the stage without the mics and amps, in case you want to use it for something different, or have your own items for that already!

42 prims for the whole thing, 21 prims for just the stage

This one sells at the nice price of 500L

And Last but not least....

This is a updated version of my BDSM Cross (now included in the BDSM set), which contains both a front and back menu (the previous version only had a back menu).

This contains 7 more menu options, depending on how you want to string someone up (or be strung up),  I have put it on display at my Adult mall store at One Eyed jacks, and at A Woman's Touch 2 club. Also available on the Marketplace

Selling price of 600L

In other news, have made some arrangements for some new shops/venues/random stuff to move over to Isle of Boo, and I will be sure to list them all in a notice once they are all set up and ready! Just want to give you more reasons to hang out here than just to pick up boo's stuff! And you know there are already a couple reasons, including Art Decade (come try her shoes!), Sugarplum and Fantasy Photo!!

That's it for this week. Still working on a few more prefabs for this month, and then back to some furniture in May!



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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to Basics with BOO!!!

Well I've had a fairly nice break, but it is time to get back to being productive. A big thank you to all of my customers who were patient with me while I was away. I did try to help everyone as soon as I could. I have another break coming up at the end of May so I'm going to keep pretty busy until then.

So now that I am back, you might be asking "What are you planning to do next?" or maybe "when will we see something new?" Well then, read on because I cover both of these in this blog!

What am I planning to do next!

One of the things I have always wanted to do was go back and finish projects I only half completed, but every time I planned to, I'd get about 10 different projects going, and those old ones would go into my "in progress" folder, getting buried under all the other in progress things I would come up with. Sometimes when I build I know exactly what i want out of something, and go from beginning to end with no side tracking to get the finished product. Other times I'm just putting prims together to see what I come up with.

Admittedly, most of these projects that ended up on the back-burner were Prefabs. Buildings, Houses, Stages, skyboxes...all sorts of things i started but never got done. I had wanted to get back to prefabs in Feburary but life got so crazy that I just didn't have time. So for the next little bit I will be releasing a few prefabs, with a few pieces of furniture here and there.

I am also now working with a friend, Rhiannon Skinstad, on a few projects. She really enjoys building prefabs, so we're going to collaborate on a few. She will be building the base building and I will be furnishing it, and tweaking it here and there. I look forward to the first of these releases, which I hope to have finished by May.

Everyone who knows my business, knows I make an awful lot on those damned lapdance chairs. I am still quite amazed actually and the volume of lapdance chair sales I have, over a year now since i released them. Since the initial release, I have followed it up with 3 additional products (the loveseat, a second version of the chair and the Valentine version) and like the first one, they seem to be fairly popular.

So I'd probably be a pretty bad business woman if I didn't continue to put out products in that nature. So I do have another Lapdance product coming out soon. I am in the finishing touches of the textures right now, and the animations have already been configured. Most of you know I have recently updated the original chair to include the superior menus of the ones that came later, and I will be following that same menu set up for this new one.

As always, when i release I will have a upgrade program in place in case those of you who have one, want to trade in for the new one.

Though as popular as my Mature and Adult items have been, I still intend to open a PG store soon. That is another thing that has gotten pushed back a bit, but I have been making PG versions of many of my furniture products, keeping them in a folder awaiting the day my PG store is live. I'm hoping for it to be sooner than later.

So to sum up, my focus right now is to release some more prefabs, to get the Ultimate Lapdance Chair V3 out and to get the PG store live!

When will I release new products? 

As early as next week you will see a couple things come out. I am hoping for 2 prefab buildings, a Stage and the lapdance Chair. No promises on the last one though. I'm being picky with textures. I am also looking at doing some product upgrades to my existing prefabs. Some of them were made so long ago, and I have gotten a bit better at furnishing since then, so I want to make a few changes.

Lastly, I wanted to add that I am able to start doing some custom projects again. I already have a few on my list that I have to get to, and I thank those who asked for them for waiting as long as they have. So if you want something custom please send me a notecard with the item, and what changes you want. I will contact you to let you know how long it will take and if there is any price difference.

So that's my update! Watch this space for product releases in the next week or so!



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