Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Product Release - Boo's Day Bed!

Hi everyone! Finally getting some new stuff out this week, and I think this is sooo cute I couldn't resist but put one in my own house once I finished it!

Boo's Bits Presents: Boo's Day Bed!

As with my other products you can count on only the best Animation quality, and plenty of options for you and your loved ones!!

The Day Bed comes in both a Unisex and Girl/Girl version, and I have released Copy and Transfer versions as well (which I just HAVE to say is a LOT of work when it comes to listing them!)

Honestly i can't think of a house this Day Bed would not look lovely in (except maybe a big castle full of chains and things, but I still bet the "Night" Version would blend in!). It is only 14 prims, so even you linden home owners can't say you don't have room!!! Unisex Version has 204 Animations and Girl/Girl Version has 153 Animations.

Unisex Transfer Version - 1050L - 204 Animations
Unisex Copy Version - 2700L

Girl/Girl Transfer Version 950L - 153 Animations
Girl/Girl Copy Version 2500L

I am also releasing, exclusive to the Marketplace, a PG version in the Beach design. This only includes Single, Duo and cuddles, but comes at the nice price point of 500L. 90 Animations and only available in the Modify/Transfer format!

And don't forget, if you are a member of the Boo's Bits VIP group in second life, you do get 15% off these products and many more! So make sure you are wearing your tag when you purchase. (Funds are returned automatically when you purchase wearing your tag. If you have any trouble with this please contact me!)

That's it for now!! Come down to the store and give this a try! I think you'll love it as much as I do!!



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wagon Ride with BOO!!!!

Hi Everyone! New product release this week. Finally got around to doing something a bit different! Boo's Bits is proud to present:
Boo's Frisky Farm Wagon! in 4 flavors!

150 Quality Animations for Singles, Duos, Male/Female and Female/Female couples!

Transfer Version - 950L | Copy Version 1700L

122 Quality Animations for Singles, Duos and Female/Female couples!

Transfer Version - 850L | Copy Version 1600L

Marketplace Only Limited Release

84 Quality Animations for singles, duos and Male/Female couples!

Transfer Version - 700L | Copy Version - 1500L

Marketplace Only Release

42 Quality Animations including singles, duos and cuddles.

Transfer Version - 350L | Copy Version - 850L

Releasing a Straight Only version is a new thing for me, and I'm not sure how it will work out, so we'll see. If it is popular I might do more limited releases (But remember my Furniture is primarily made for lesbian and bi ladies, and that will never change!)

You can test out the Unisex and Lesbian versions at the Boo's Main store, and you can purchase all of them at my Marketplace store!

That's all for now! more new products coming as soon as I can make em!! And a group gift! YES I PROMISE FOR REALZ THIS TIME!!. And it'll be something fun (I hope)!

Thanks everyone for your patience with my slow releases. Soon that will be fixed :)

It other news, we have parted ways with Art Decade, so you will see some changes on the sim soon. I wish Beth Porterfield the best with her business!

You will also see a bit of a bigger partnership with Waking Dream over the next few months as we work on getting some live music and dj's into the Boo's club! Are you a DJ? Can you play great jazz? Are you a musician? Can you play some awesome Jazz? I'll be looking for you! Send me your info to and we'll talk :D



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Honeymooning with BOO!!

Hi everyone! Feels like FOREVER since I released a new product! But the wait is over! I bring you just in time for next years Valentines day (that's how far behind I have been), the Honeymoon Heart Bed!!

Boo's Honeymoon Heart Bed

It comes in two flavors (Unisex and Lesbian) and is also available in both Transfer and COPY formats!

Unisex version has 258 Animations, of the usual quality you come to expect from Boo's, and has menus for single, Male/Female, Female/Female and Groups of M/M/F, M/F/F and F/F/F

Lesbian version has 197 Animations of the usual quality you come to expect and has the Single, Female/Female and F/F/F menus!

Unisex Transfer version - 1350L

Unisex Copy Version - 3700L

Lesbian Transfer Version - 1150L

Lesbian Copy Version - 3300L

Why buy copy? think of it as a great way to save yourself the hassle of losing an item from your land, or if something goes wrong and you have trouble chasing me down to fix it, you can just rez a new one!

Heck, if you have two bedrooms you can put a bed in both of them!

More products will be coming in Copy format soon! Please note that no refunds will be made on Copy products except in the case of a double purchase.

Also I just want to let you all know that soon I will be around more often, and in fact Boo's Bits will become my full time job for a while. So expect a lot of new things coming soon!!

That's all for now!! More to come soon!



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