Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bridge over the River BOO 2!! - New release

Not a lot of time today so Just going to give you the basics!

Very pleased to release this new version of the Bridge of Romance. Larger size, some more animations and some new scripting in the phantom prims to ensure they work properly under all circumstances!

What's new:

- New scripting in the phantom sculpted prims that resolves a reset issue with the initial release
- New animation sets
- Longer length to work in more sim situations

What's the same:

- Single, Friends and couple menus
- Separate menus for Boy/girl and Girl/Girl couples
- PG product, no adult animations
- 16 prims
- Lamp system automatically starts up when sim sun goes down

49 Quality Animations

Copy and Transfer versions are available

Transfer version is 650L / Copy Version is 1500L

Come grab it at the in world store or at the Marketplace!!



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