Friday, August 10, 2012

New Product Releases Aug 10th 2012

48 Prims 25x20m - 500L

122 prims - 20x22 footprint - 800L

 294prims - 30x30 footprint - 1250L

Copyable table sets, 3 tables (2 seat, 3 seat and 4 seat) in a copy format with 3 male and 3 female animations in each seat

Prim count vaires between 6-11 depending on set and how many chairs. 1000L for copy version.

All Products now available at the Boo's Bits Main Store or on the marketplace

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Product Release - Aug 1st 2012

2 new products this week.

The Rhiannon Bed  (Unisex and Lesbian versions available in all colors)

 Unisex Version - 24 Prims 283 Animations 1500L

Lesbian Version - 24 prims 191 Animations 1250L

Pickles Pub (Joint Commercial product by Jon Enimo with Furniture by Boo's Bits

This prefab was originally created and sold on the Marketplace by Jon Enimo with Textures by Iris Maskelyne. Jon has since passed it to me at Boo's Bits to furnish and re-release as as Boo's Bits Prefab.

It sells completely furnished for 1200L

Also a quick note on my Prefabs, I have taken them off of a platform and put them back in a rez station on the main level. We will see how that works. if it creates more lag on the sim I will look at another option. Mainly I think a lot of people did not see I had buildings for sale so putting them on the ground instead of hiding them above may be a better option.

Both these new products are available at the Boo's Bits Main store or in Boo's Marketplace Store!