Saturday, July 7, 2012

BOO so Lofty! - Boo's Loft Bed Product Release

Once again taking suggestions from my customers, I took the top bunk from my Bunk V3, and reconfigured the menu so that it was more unique from the Bunk Bed version!

Boo's Loft Bed

I know it seems like a bit of a cheat, but it does make for a really unique bed style! Created a new shadow prim for it and added several animations to use the whole area rather than just the top!

Available in Both Unisex and Lesbian versions as well as both Copy and Transfer formats! It is only 14 prims and the Shadow Prim is removable if your computer is super powered and uses the graphics shadows!

Unisex Version - 224 Animations 

Trans version 1150L
Copy Version 3300L

Lesbian Version - 161 Animations

Trans Version - 999L
Copy Version -3100L

Available in the same colors as the V3 Bunk

Now available in the Boo's Main Store or at Boo's Marketplace Store!



Boo's Bits Main Store in Second Life

Boo's Marketplace Store

Nynaboo on Twitter: @Nynaboos

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