Friday, July 20, 2012

New Releases - July 20th 2012

Decided to keep these new release postings shorter with just info on the products. Lots of new releases this weekend.


Sells for 800L, Seats 5 people per row with 3 animation options in each chair. Mod/Copy. 36 Prims

Sells for 199L, same chairs as come with the Auditorium Set to seat 5 with different animation options. Mod/Trans. 6 prims

2 prims each log, sells for 300L. 9 Animations Mod/Trans

500L sell price, 2 prims, New menu options from the old version. Mod/Transfer. 48 Animations

199L Sell price, Seats 2 Avatars with 6 different animation options for each seat. Mod/Trans3 Prims

600L, includes couch that seats up to 8 Avatars, and blinds that open/close. Also has light system that can be turned on/off manually or it will automatically change with the sunset/sunrise. Mod/Copy. 20 Prims for Gazebo, couch is 40 prims.



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