Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry HolidayMas and where the heck have I been anyway?

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas, or holiday greeting of your choice, and thank you again for another wonderful Boo's Bits business year.

It has been an extraordinarily difficult year for me in my First Life, which has kept me out of Second Life a lot, but you all still came and shopped and spread the word, and it kept Boo's Bits alive. I can never thank you all enough for that!

As we approach 2012 I am hoping things will ease up in my Real world so I can come and continue updating products and releasing new ones. Honestly though i don't see that happening until after the winter season. It's been a hard year for many people in the world, and we all are hoping the future will turn brighter. I have had some health issues, and work issues but so many people are going through things so much harder than that. I mean, at least I have a job (or two considering I am still doing customer support as often as I can for Boo's) and a roof and food and friends who love me.

So with that in mind, I have decided that any purchased done between Christmas day and New years day, I will be donating the whole income to my local food bank. I have spent a lot of this year being concerned about my problems and the things I have been going through, I wanted to reach out to others who are far worse off than I, and give some kind of support.

I have chosen to this locally, and I encourage all of you to do something locally for the people in your neighborhoods that need help. Sometimes, something as simple as a warm Christmas meal for someone who can't afford to make one, can be all the difference in the world.

So I wish you all a Happy Holiday, and thank you again for all your support. I hope you get to spend it with people you love and being thankful that you have them! I know I am



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few Product Updates

Hello everyone! I have been away for a bit in the strange land called Real Life, so I am sorry there havn't been many new products lately. Things are starting to calm down some so I am hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.

In the meantime I have managed to do a few quick upgrades to some existing products.

Boo's Kitchen Set - Wood now contains more animation options and has been reconfigured. Price increase of only 50L isn't that bad for what you get from it now.

Boo's Rugs: The original rugs have been gutted and refitted with new Animations, specifically in the Boy/Girl menu and threesome menus. No price changes on these, as the animation count stayed pretty much the same.

I will be doing more product upgrades over the next few weeks, then hopefully right back into new products for the Xmasy season!!

Short and sweet, that's all for now!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Leather Lapdance, Laz-e-boo! New Product Releases!!

Hello everyone!

I've been having a very busy RL lately so I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get some new products released. I'm hoping things calm a bit as the fall comes so i can focus on some more new stuff!

in the meantime however I have 3 new products to tell you about today.

First up we have 2 new Lapdance products. For a long time now people have been asking me for a leather club style chair. Well I caved and not only am I giving you a leathery Lapdance Chair, but I am also releasing a Leathery Lapdance Loveseat!

And to celebrate these new versions I am Reducing them 750L off the regular price for 7 days! So snag them up before the end of the week to save. The regular prices are 1550 for the chair and 1700 for the Loveseat. Sale Prices: 800L for the chair, 950L for the loveseat

3 Prims, 138 Animations, Modify/Transfer - Regular Price 1550L

3 Prims, 181 Animations, Modify/Transfer - Regular Price 1700L

I have made some changes in the menus on these versions, adding all new animations to both Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl menus, but also setting the Girl/Girl animations to required less swapping!

Next up we have the Laz-E-BOO Couples Chair!!

The Laz E Boo is 7 prims and contains 64 Animations for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples. It is Modify/Transfer and sells for 650L

Great thing about this chair is it uses similar textures to my Couples Couches so easy to match. If you liked the version i sent out as a group gift, but wanted something you could cuddle on, this is it right here!

The Deal of the week vendor in the Pink Boo's Truck has the Office Affiar Break station on sale for 15% off its regular price. Will actually try to remember to change the product at the end of the week...i always seem to forget until I put out new stuff!!

That's all for now!! Hope you enjoy these new products and sale prices!!



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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The SkyBOO!! - New releases

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note today of some new releases in the store!!!

Boo's Beach Party Couch

Created to match the other beachy furniture I released last week, this couch can sit up to 7 Avatars at one time, making it a perfect addition for any home, club, social gathering. Each person who sits can choose from a selection of animations to use

This one is a bit more primmy than usual but worth it! 29 Glorious prims! And on sale for only 199 this week!! (regular price 500L)

Next up!

Boo's City/Park Bench

This bench is great for an outdoor or city sim environment. Seats up to 3 people, with multiple sit options for each (2 on bench, 1 on Trash Can). only 4 prims and sells at 199L!!

Next up!!

Boo's Basic Pier

3 Prims, seats up to 6 people at once, and great for just lounging about or you can even ignore the included animations and put your own furniture on top of it! only 100L!!

And last but not least!

Boo's Basic Skybox - Furnished and Unfurnished versions

Furnished Version:

Boo's Skybox is a very nice classic living area, perfect for the single Avatar or couples who want something cozy!

20x20 Footprint

Comes with Furnished and Unfurnished rezzers

Light system with Dimmer for 3 brightness settings

Window Tinting system with Seperate Tint levels for outdoor and Indoor (in case you have sky neighbors)

Furniture Included:

Couch - 16 Prims

2 Chairs - 12 prims Each

2 Tables - 2 Prims Each

Basic Hot Tub - 9 Prims

Rug with Pillows - 9 Prims

Bed - 11 Prims

Wall Pictures - 2 Prims Each

All animations included in Furniture are quality Animations, no freebies or static poses used

124 Prims with all Furniture

43 Prims for Skybox only


Unfurnished Version

Boo's Skybox is a very nice classic living area, perfect for the single Avatar or couples who want something cozy!

20x20 Footprint

Comes in a Rez Faux Rezzer for easy placing

Light system with Dimmer for 3 brightness settings

Window Tinting system with Seperate Tint levels for outdoor and Indoor (in case you have sky neighbors)

43 Prims Total


Group Vendor in the store has the Furnished version of this Skybox for only 199 from it's 500L sale Price!!

As Always if you have questions or concerns please let me know, I am trying to be around more often pending my RL work schedule. 
Come try that at the Boo's Store in world!!



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Friday, July 8, 2011

Beachy Tiki Summer BOO - New Products

For the last while I have been trying to put out several items in a summer theme. And not just the usual couples items, but versions that would appeal to anyone! So I don't know if I should call them Beachy, or Tiki, or Summer or what....i settled on Beachy but either way, these items were made with that summer island getaway in mind!

So first up the PG rated stuff, perfect for any sim, from a General rating to an Adult Rating!

Boo's Beachy Chair

6 Prims

6 Sit Options


Boo's Beachy Couch

11 Prims

Sits up to 3 Avatars

Multi Sit Options for Each


Boo's Beachy Lounge Chair

5 Prims

9 Animation Options


Boo's Beachy Group Lounger

8 Prims

Seats up to 3 Avatars

Multi Sit options for all


All of these items were made using the Perfect Sitter System, so there are no Pose Balls required to sit, and you can adjust your avatar position depending on your size and shape!

Modify/Transfer and available in the Boo's Main store and on the Marketplace

I love these items, they are great for Commercial or social beach environments, or just a great place to hang out and chat with some friends! I'm using them myself at my Greedy Greedy deck :)

Next up, we have the Couples versions of the couch and lounger, as well as a retexture of the Lapdance V3 to match this stuff!!

Available in both a Unisex Version (1100L) or a Lesbian Version (975L) the have Single, Friends, Cuddles and some of the finest adult animations you can find! I have included the Girl/Girl oversight menu in both, as well as all new Male/Female animations in the Unisex Version

The Couples edition of this lounger is pretty basic. Single Sits, Friends, 6 Male/Female cuddles and 6 Female/Female Cuddles. only 500L and a nice addition to your summer home! I kept it as cuddle only because it just seemed like a more romantic item to sit on while watching the sunset over the water!

And lastly the Ultimate Lapdance Chair V3 - Beachy Edition!

There is nothing new about this chair compared to the other V3 chairs, except the texturing (and a it is 1 more prim) and it sells for the same price (1500L).

And that is my big Summer release for July! There will be a couple more releases, 1 beachy, and 1 standard living, but for the most part I am focusing on getting the PG store done. So I hope you enjoy these items, and please make sure to tell your friends that Boo's is the place for the best furniture in Second Life!! (i like to dream!)



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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took a bit to get this one out, but it was one of those products that starts simple, then ends up taking longer as I start thinking people might want different versions!

So I bring you 3 new products, which are all kind of related to each other.

Boo's Fireplace & Rug

This is the set that I originally built, trying to make a nice romantic rug and fireplace combo in a low prim. Fantastic Romance options in this one, using both the Fireplace and the Rug for positioning.

Only 14 Prims


Unisex Version sells for 1100L - 201 Animations
Lesbian Version sells for 950L - 154 Animations

Next I decided some of you might already have a fireplace you like, but a nice Fur Rug would be great! So I have made a seperate Rug version just for you!

Boo's Furry Rug (insert dirty jokes here)

The Rug does not contain the exact same set up as the Fireplace/Rug combo, but it has all the important stuff!

7 Prims


Unisex Version sells for 975L - 164 Animations
Lesbian Version sells for 850L - 131 Animations

And Finally, I decided some of you might have one of my Rugs i released earlier, so all you'd need is a fireplace...or maybe you don't need a rug at all, but would love a Fireplace that you can sit on....

Boo's Basic Fireplace

Containing 8 different sitting options, and no pose balls required, this 7 prim Fireplace is perfect for a linden home or a smaller parcel...or even a bigger one! The Choice is yours!!

The Basic Fireplace is a Marketplace Exclusive for only 200L.

Deal of the Week is "Boo & Rhi's Cottahe 01" Available at 25% off the SALE price...doesn't get much better than that!

That's it for now! As we head into July I will continue to make some new stuff, but probably not as quickly. My RL world gets busy in the Summertime!

That said, I have a group gift for you all, most likely next week, so stay tuned for that!!

My General Rating Store is almost here! Land has been purchased and the location is under construction. Should have news on that for August!! (finally! only took 6 months from when i planned it hehe)

Until then, have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July to all my US friends!!



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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boo vs Firestorm Beta Viewer

Hurray, Hurrah and yay! Firestorm beta is here, and I'm going to give it a little review after using it for a few days.

You may remember from my "Boo vs the Second Life Viewer" that I was having trouble finding a viewer that gave me a layout that was practical for what I do in Second Life and gave me great performance. I started by showing you my current Viewer layout as I have been using on the Phoenix Viewer.

As I pointed out before, it gave me a lot of screen real estate, access to my inventory, access to the camera movement and access to contacts, Local Chat and IM's in all one window. This is the layout I have used for ages in Second Life, and the layout I have been waiting for on a V2 viewer.

Well, lets have a peek at my Layout on the Firestorm Viewer to see what I came up with after some tweaking. This is set up using the starlight classic skin that is included in the viewer.

Lord help me, I even included the Mini-Map and that looks somewhat familiar doesn't it? A whole lot of screen real estate, the chat box with contacts, local and IM's, camera controls that could be resized, my inventory, the build tool...really it's quite dreamy :)

So I can honestly say Firestorm has succeeded where the official viewers have not. It gave me my preferred layout and converted me to a V2 viewer...mostly...but i'll explain that later.

Now, it could have only done those things and I'd be a happy camper, but it actually did a whole lot more than that. It has shadows that don't crash me when I use them (all the official, beta and project viewers from LL crash me every time i try to enable shadows), has a included Radar, RLV, Temporary Uploads...and many other features you might remember from the Phoenix TPV...heck it even has the option to use a old fashioned PIE menu! (I will note however, the "buy" button is not where i'd expect in the pie layout...I hope they fix that later)

So as far as features and layout are concerned, this viewer does it all right! Quite easily could get me to swap to this viewer full time....if it wasn't for the freezing.

I know a lot of folk who are having great performance on this viewer right now, so I'm not sure what it is about my machine, but as far as performance is concerned (with and without shadows) I keep having random freezing. Everything just locks up and I can't move, can't select anything, and my program just shows me a "not responding" message at the top.

Eventually it comes back around again, but sometimes it keeps doing it over and over, making everything I try to do Choppy. This is something I don't have in the official viewer. So it's kind of a trade off. Get great performance on official V2, and have the frustration of the interface, or get a choppy experience on Firestorm but get the UI I like.

I know this is only a Beta, and I sure do hope they get that sorted by the time it is a full release (maybe once they catch up on versions to the latest project build which is super quick in performance) but it is still really frustrating.

That's not to say it happens all the time. On my building platform I can get away with doing a lot before it happens, but I always know it is going to happen...and that's the thing. My settings are pretty much the same on both Firestorm and the Official Viewer (when I'm not using shadows) so it does make me grit my teeth a bit that Firestorm could get it so right in design, but my performance is so lousy compared.

The only other thing is that if you really look at the two pictures, you'll notice that i still am using a lot of screen space compared to the old one (even though I now have a lot more). If you look back and forth between the two pictures a bit you'll see exactly why that is. All the windows have more bulk to, even when re sized they are still bigger than they were.  Inventory, chat, even the build tool are much larger than they had been on default settings. I still need to play with it some more, so maybe I can adjust that in the UI settings.

I only point it out because it seems to me, in streamlining the viewer, a lot of the unnecessary UI box frames could have been streamlined themselves. Not sure if that made sense, and that is a LL complaint really not a Firestorm complaint, but Firestorm still has the similar size frames on their windows, and that is odd to get used to. That said, I will most likely get used to it, but it's still silly.....just sayin.

So, keep working at it Firestorm folks, get the performance up to par with V2 and I'll make a home there....or better still, Take a cue from Firestorm LL....your viewer could be golden to a lot of people, had you just given people what they have been looking for rather than being stubborn and stuck to the V2 UI design.



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Victorian Boo! - New Product Releases

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

A while back I said I wasn't going to be doing any more Lapdance products for a bit, but I had a few requests for something in a Victorian style. I like to make people happy, so I have put together Victorian versions of both the Lapdance Chair and the Loveseat!

Boo's Ultimate Lapdance Chair - Victorian Edition

NOTE: If you already own the V2 chair or the upgraded V1 chair, the menus are exactly the same on this version. Only the design has changed

111 Animations

11 Prims


1550L Selling Price

Boo's Ultimate Lapdance Loveseat - Victorian Edition

NOTE: This version of the Loveseat does contain some different and additional Animations not included in the original.

172 Animations

15 Prims


1700L Selling Price

Also released today is a new Sofa in a Classic Style. Lesbian and Unisex versions

Boo's Afternoon Tea Sofa

Unisex Version - 194 Animations - 1050L

Lesbian Version - 142 Animations - 900L

This Sofa is only 6 prims, so it is perfect for a Linden Home


I'm putting the new Victorian Lapdance Loveseat on the Group vendor, so you can save a bit if you buy it from there (gift cards can not be used on group vendor)

Deal of the week in the Boo's Pink Truck will be the Cherry Lesbian version of the Afternoon Tea Sofa. Grab it for 15% off

That's it for this week! I have a group gift coming for you all (i know I am a bit late getting one done but it's coming!) and more new stuff in the next week or so!!



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