Friday, September 24, 2010

Office Affair Desks and Revisited Patio Set!


I am getting myself some vacation time in RL, so I may take a bit of vacation time in SL as well...though probaby not lol. But just in case I am putting out a few things this week rather than just a single release.

First up, lets look at a product i revisited recently. The Patio Loungers.

The original version was made for a friend and had lovely pink and purple pillows. But i respect that not everyone wants pink and purple pillows, so the first thing i did was give them a more
neutral, beachy texture

The next thing i did was go through my animation sets i have gotten since the first release, and re did the menu's, offering a lot more than the previous version...which of course means the price goes up a bit...but i think you'll agree with me when you try it, that it'll be worth it.

After that i re did the menu's again to do a lesbian version, so you could have the choice. Unisex version costs more of course, as it contains more animations. But if all you need is girl/girl animations then I have you set!!

The Lounger and Chair are available separately as well if you only want one, but if you do want both, you'll save a bunch by buying in the bundle.

Next up, A few Desks for Boo's Office Affair series!!

Lets start with the basic naughty desk, which is pretty much as it says. Contains Male and Female Single Sits, Friend Poses and Couples Cuddle and sex animations. As it is a Unisex product it has a separate boy/girl and girl/girl menu set. It is available in 3 colors

I kept this one fairly basic at only 110 animations. It is a improvement over my original office desk but I would put this in the mid priced category.

Solo Sits
-Male - 10 Options
-Female - 10 Options

Friends - 6 Options (3 Male/Female and 3 Female/Female)

--Cuddle - 6 Options
---Foreplay - 9 Options
---Sex - 9 Options

--Cuddles - 9 Options
--Naughty - 9 Options

Modify/Transfer so you can save your own positions if they don't quite match up with your avatar.

Sells for 800L

The high end, dare i say "ultimate" Office Affair Desk product is the new Corner Desk and file cabinet. This sucker is packed full of a WHOPPING 235 animations, including male and female single sits, solo naughty, Friend sits, Cuddles, Sex and threesomes! Seperate menu's for M/F, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/F and F/F/F couples!! (if you made sense of that....) Also available in 3 colors.

Here is the complete menu info:

Solo Sits
-Male - 12 single sits, 3 Naughty Sits
-Female - 14 single sits, 4 Naughty Sits

-Friend MF - 6 Options
-Friend FF - 6 Options

--Cuddle - 12 cuddle options
---Foreplay - 13 options
---Sex - 15 options

--Cuddles - 9 options
--Kisses - 9 Options
--Naughty - 24 Options

--M/M/F - 4 Options
--M/F/F - 6 Options
--F/F/F - 9 Options

The file cabinet i included is also set up with a script to allow you to place items inside, and have them give away to Anyone, Group or just owner. You can put in Landmarks, Objects, Notes or even images! The whole thing is Modify/Transfer and sells for 1350L

And lastly, i released a Unisex version of the Teacher's Desk & Chalkboard, and bundled it with the Unisex Student desks. I had a couple requests for it so i figured i may as well. There is a catch though. While it does have girl/girl animations as well, they are set up only in the 2Student menu, with the Blue Ball available for a Male "teacher" to watch the action. Otherwise this is strickly a Boy/Girl version.

Modify/Transfer, sells for 950 on its own or 1600 in the bundle with two unisex student desks!

That's it for this week!! Hope everyone enjoys the new products and lots more to come in the future!! for now though it is vacation time!! Must find Wine!!! :D

Nynaboo xx

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

File this under BOO - Boo's Office Affair

I was planning on working on more of the bathroom series i started with the Shower, but instead got sidetracked by starting a whole new series of products. This series is called "office affair" and I have just released the first product from it.

Boo's Office Affair - File Cabinet

In general, this product is a very simple one. It is only 2 prims (1 is the shadow which can be removed) but packs some very nice naughty animations. I had always wanted to make a product where i could use the "against the wall" type animations in a more focused manner, and this seemed the perfect place to do it.

Just like any of my products, i only choose animations to compliment what you are buying, instead of other sellers who just take comfort in packing items with as many animations as possible....regardless if they fit or not.

So the end result is that this only has 38 animations, 6 single sits, 9 male/Female options and 9 Female/Female options. And really, it doesn't need more than that. You're not going to replace a bed or couch with this. You're going to use it to spice things up once and a while, rather than the same old boring bed/couch routine.

I always felt it was the reason my lapdance chair was so popular...aside from the fact that you can lapdance in it. It is one of those things that stands on its own, and while you may already have a sex bed or couch, it is worth having one of those lapdance chairs too. Well, why not a file cabinet just to mix it up a bit more?

It is now available on the New Marketplace and at the Boo's Bits Main store.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boo's Lesbian Bed Engine

Hey everyone!!

To round out the weekend i have one more new item to release! I have had a few requests for this so i am pleased to be able to make it available!! Sorry guys this one is just for the ladies (for now, let me know if you want a unisex one and we'll see). Specifically for those ladies who already have a bed but wish they could have the animation sets i use in it!

The Transfer version sells for 1099L and the copy version for 3500L, contains 154 fantastic animations, including single sits, friendly sits, cuddles, sex and threesome!

I have included a instruction manual to help you get it set up on your own bed, but as we all know beds come in different shapes and sizes, so odds are you will want to adjust these poses a bit. While i have included how to do that in the instructions, if you are wary of do-it-yourself items, this might not be the product for you!!

However, i am willing to help do some custom configurations (at an additional cost...these things take a bit of time) if you really want the engine but don't want to bother with configuring it!

This product pretty much only exists because so many of you asked for one (sniff sniff...they just like my menu's not my beds..waaaaaaah *whine whine whine*) and as most of you know, i do aim to please ;)

It is on display in store, so come and give it a try, though if you have tried one of my beds odds are you have seen it before ;)

Also i have a new building at the Boo's parcel, for items i am thinking of retiring. They will be offered at a lower price and only for a limited time. My old bunk beds are in there, some prefabs, club furniture and other furniture bits. If you want to see any of the boxed items just send me a IM or notecard and we'll make some arrangements.

And yes...i'm willing to haggle a little :)

That's all for now!!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Showertime with Boo!!!

New Releases this week, include a Shower Set, a new radio station and what will probably be the last of the radio booths!!

First the shower, which is really just the first part of a bathroom set i am putting together. It comes in 6 flavors, so you can be sure you will find at least one in a color you'll like! Also they are modify so you can change them.

This idea kind of came up after a customer made a comment in a review about how i was somehow trying to help them refurnish their house one piece at a time lol (ahhh lex you silly bish) and talked about wanting me to do a bathroom set.

Well who am I to argue with a suggestion like that? So i started with the shower, because I felt like it would probably be the most used piece of a bathroom set (with the exception of a hottub, which is coming). I figured the rest could follow in parts, and as long as i keep the colors available in each part, then you guys can slowly build your own bathroom!

Here are the details in a nutshell:

13 prims

46 Animations

Modify/Transfer (Scripts and Animations are Transfer Only)

Animation Menu

- Click the shelf for the animation menu. Animations are split up as follows


2 Male Shower Animations
2 Female Shower Animations
1 Naughty Male Animation
1 Naughty Female Animation

1 Male/Female Shower Option
1 Female/Female Shower Option
M/F Sex Menu - 9 Sex Options, 2 watersports fetish Options
F/F Sex Menu - 9 Sex options, 1 watersports fetish Option

The "Watersports" options were included as a request from a customer, but i have not added the particles for is up to you to have a way to do that. I just supply the animations

So that is the new unisex product for this week, and the other parts to this set should come in the weeks to follow. Will probably release some of the smaller bits before I get to the hottub...had to get new animations for the shower and i already know i will for the hottub. lol. So best i sell a few things first :)

They are on display now in store, and on the New Marketplace. As I may have mentioned before I am not adding any more new products to xstreet, so please visit my store front at the New Marketplace for all the latest products

Second and third new products are the new radio station and the radio booth (which is included in that station. I won't do a big long description for these, as i already did a post on the booths before.

I will however point out that the Radio Station is basically a smaller, more generic version of the Lil Town Radio station, but with the new booth set up. So it no longer seems like just a talk radio station, but that of a rock and roll or music station.

It is furnished, with a Lobby, Reception area, Office and Conference area, with the Radio Booth found right at the heart of the building.

It is copy/mod and about 251 prims total (lots of that being the booth itself for the detail)

Won't go into too many furniture details...feel free to come and try them yourself, but i will mention that they are all copy/modify, with quality single sit animations

The Booth itself is pretty much as it was seen in my preview earlier in the blog so i will just leave you with the product image for now, and please do come to the shop and give it a try!!!

That's all for now!!!



Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School with BOO!!!


it's that season (at least in north America) and to celebrate I've put together a new Girl/Girl product that fits with the theme!!

Boo's Bits is Proud to present

Boo's Naughty School Bundle - Classroom Set

This is a girl/girl product (though i have made a unisex version of the Student desk i will release later)

I got to thinking i needed to do some themed products, to go with special holidays or events through the year...and when i tried thinking of what the next big thing was for the year, i got inspired by the massive number of Back to School flyers that have been arriving in my mailbox. lol. So after recycling them (imma good girl!) i sat down and started to plan out the classroom set!!

Really quite proud of this set which includes a Teachers Desk & Chalkboard, with a custom texture created by Beth Porterfield, and 2 Student Desks...also with a desktop created by the wonderfully talented Beth (please please please check out her store next to Boo's...some really nice clothing)

Each has been set up with animations to compliment the product and as always i only used the best available. Because of the "naughty schoolgirl" theme i had to get some spanks, and a few other discipline animations...which is not as easy as you might think (well it is..but to find quality ones that compliment the others i had? not so much)

Here are the details

Teacher’s Desk and Blackboard – 12 prims

108 Animations

Menu’s include solo sits and self pleasure animations for teacher, Teacher/Student menu with Animations for kisses, cuddles, sexy dancing, spanking and sex as well and a Teacher/Student/Student menu for advanced lessons in kissing, cuddling and. The 2 Students menu also includes Exam options where the teacher can be more hands on with Both students to make sure they have retained the knowledge!

Menu’s are as follows

Teacher - 9 Options

-Teach - 10 Options
--Tutor - 19 Options
--Cram - 6 Options (Strap On)

-Lessons - 18 Options
-Exam - 9 Options (3Some)

New animations not seen before in another boo’s product!! 3 new Sexy Dances for student to entertain teacher, a new over the knee spank animation and a rough against the blackboard animation.

Desk and Blackboard are Modify (not including animations and scripts) which means you can adjust the poses to fit your avatar and save the positions to the notecards!

Student Desk 8 prims each

57 – Animations

Menu’s include single Student sits including Listening, Reading, Writing, Brushing Hair, Perching on the desk, Bound to the chair and self pleasure as well as a Sex Ed menu for teacher to get more hands on with the student, offering lessons of anatomy, penetration, discipline and more.

Menu’s are as follows

Student - 9 Options

Sex Ed - 12 Options

Contains new animations not seen prior in a Boo’s Product including an over the chair spank

It is on display now at the Boo's main store, and will be up on the Marketplace later today!

The Desk & Blackboard and the Student Desk are sold separate as well. So if you only want 1 Desk you can get 1 desk!! but for 50L more you may as well have the two...they are transfer after all :)

That's it for now...i have to get going on the releases!!! have a great weekend!!! (might have something else to post later though)