Thursday, December 9, 2010

The BOO is edition releases and a new bed!!

Hey everyone!!

This will be my last set of new releases for 2010 (not including the group gift which will be sent later this week). Seems my little hobby, that exploded with the lapdance chair release, has turned into a pretty significant part time I'm booking myself some vacation time :) This past year i have worked really really hard to make some really great products, and thanks to all of you it looks like i can keep that up in the new year.

So...thanks...and stuff :)

Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff, here are the releases!!

Limited Edition Holiday Product Alert!!

This Gingerbread house sits on a 20x20 sculpted snowbank, comes with fireplace, Xmas tree, chair, bed and rug pillows...all made as candy as i could make them!  if you want something super cute to spend some time in over the holidays, this might be up your alley!!

The fireplace is similar to the one i included with the Holiday Rug set, and has the same animations in it. The Chair is a candy textured version of the squishy chair. The pillow sets by the fireplace contain 9 Single sits each, and the bed contains 3 couples animations and 3 single animations.

This one is only going to be available until Jan 2 like the other holiday gifts, so if you think you'd like one, get em while you can.

The whole thing is only 500L and on display on the prefab platform now

Here are some more images

 Boo's Snowglobe Dance Pad

I've been working on some dance pads for some time. I included a few samplers in my Lil Town Adult Club, but i never did get around to releasing them (probably will in the new year, i just want more than one design to release). But I am releasing one I put together after having one of those fleeting ideas that make you giggle.

Build as a oversize snow globe, it has particle snow and a nice winter glow. I have included a single dance to get started with, but you will absolutely want to add your own.

The Snowglobe is set so you can put any dance or animation you want inside of it, and it will be listed in the drop down menu. No notecard to configure, no fancy steps to go through. just click it in build mode and drop your animation inside. You can even do it while you are already dancing.

You can either pick or choose which dance you want, or you can choose Random and have it cycle through them. The Dance Pad was scripted by Rian Jayaram, and i strongly recommend his scripts. Fantastic customer service from this gentleman :)

Sells for only 350L and is available to try in store now!!

Boo's Classics - The Porterfield

 As the other beds in the Classic series, this one comes in both a Unisex and Girl/Girl version, in 5 colors. 231 Animations for the Unisex, 174 for the Girl/Girl, and it is only 15 prims.

All the menus you expect are in there, Single, Friends, Couples and D/S.

Unisex Version 1650L

Girl/Girl Version 1350L

That's it for releases and as mentioned before, there will be a group gift coming later in the week. plus if you are trying to think of a gift to get someone but are not sure what they will like, keep in mind i have gift cards in 100L, 200L, 500L and 1000L available for purchase. They are on the marketplace now as well.

Now for some other stuff, that may or may not interest you, going into the new year.

Boo's Main Store

Some of you might have already noticed i have moved the prefabs up to a platform for the time being. I am playing with the idea of using a different store prefab as my main store. I found an absolutely beautiful one that i have been thinking of using, but the more i set it up, the more i think what I have already is it remains to be seen what will happen with that. Either way, there will be some renovating for if you pop by the sim and see bits of store all over the place...that is probably why. lol.

Boo's PG Store

With the coming teens to the main grid, and being limited to PG parcels, I have decided to purchase me a little mainland to open a Boo's store for the kiddies. The store will contain many of my products, but with all mature content removed (sorry kids, no lapdance for you!!). Look for that sometime in January or February. Will give it a trial and if it works out then great! if not, then no big loss. Can't hurt to try :)

Boo's Jazz Club

Oh opening a club is so cliche isn't it? Well I'm doing it anyway! Not just another best in contest club, this will be aimed more at couples dancing.  Will give you more information on that after the New Year

Boo's Products, group gifts and release dates

I will continue to spend time making new things for you, and i already have a list that includes home bars, corner kitchens, swings, club furniture, more beds, more couches, more lapdance products.....also more prefabs (lil town series police station, restaurant, bakery, Community Center, Warehouse II, TV Studio and School)

I will also continue doing the group gifts every month, as well as the deal of the week in the Boo's pink truck. In addition to that, I will be (finally) setting up a group vendor! This will be for select new releases at a reduced rate only for people who have subscribed to my group. That will come in January

And due to RL work getting a bit more demanding I will be changing release dates from the Thursday/Friday to Wednesdays and Saturdays, every 2 weeks instead of every week.

Boo's Blog

The Blog for the most part has been used to mimic these notices, but I'm going to change the way i use it in the new year to maybe get a few more people peeking at it. You will see release announcements a day before release dates, as well as more ramblings about running the Boo's business, Fun things with the Jazz club and the trials and tribulations of making products (because lord knows there are many!)

And i think that's about all the babble i have for this last notice! I wish you all a very happy holiday, and a very happy new year. Will wish you that proper in the group gift this week!

Take care, drive safe and don't do anything i wouldn't do!! (leaves it pretty open TBH)



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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Classic Boo!! The Holiday Boo!! the Squishy Boo!!! New Releases!!

Hey everyone!!

A bit later than i hoped to get this notice out, but it's been a crazy week with RL and SL. But as promised I have some new products for you, including 2 new beds, a Holiday set and some squishy chairs!!

First a very brief explanation for the new naming process I am using on some things. I kinda have trouble being inventive with names, so I decided I was going to start naming some of my products after my friends! kind of a way to show my appreciation to them for giving me the time of day lol. Of course I’m sure I’ll regret it when they eventually turn on me, try to knock me off and take over my business (I'm looking at YOU Rosa -.-) but i kind of like the idea of playing tribute to them in that way.

So that out of the way, lets get on with the products shall we?

First up I have a (lame named) new Limited Edition Holiday set!!

This is a great set for you and friends to hang out and about in this festive season, sitting around the fire and Xmas tree!!

Included in this package are 3 objects. Holiday Rug that seats up to 5, Holiday Fireplace which seats 2, and a basic xmas tree prop to help with the mood.  33 prims with all parts but the Rug, Fireplace and Tree are separate so you can use one or all of them if you like!!

This limited Edition set sells for 500L and will be available only until Janurary 2nd

It is on display at the store and available on the marketplace

Next we have 2 of my new Classic series of beds, both of which i spent a long time working on and making as complete as I could. They are only available in Unisex currently, but don't worry a lesbian version will be out in the next day or so. Will send a quick notice when i do that.

First up, The Astrid! Available in 4 colors

Second up, The Synoa! Available in 5 Colors

Both are available for 1650L and contain 233 Animations, including Singles, Friends, Boy/Girl Couples, Girl/Girl Couples, Group menus and a D/S menu. I have also included a set of cuffs if you decide to use the D/S menu, but your own cuffs are most likely compatible (tested with MD Cuffs and Lockmeister)

They are on display with a rezzer to see all the colors at the Main Store and available on Marketplace

Lastly, a nice simple basic gift for only 100L! Squishy Chairs!!! What's a Squishy chair?? Why it's a chair that is squishy of course!!! While you can't actually squish them, you can sit in them and relish in the squishy goodness!!! :)

Available in 9 Colors, each Squishy chair has 3 Female and 3 Male animations, No pose balls needed. Just place and sit!!. Make with the perfect Sitter system so you can adjust the poses yourself to fit your avatar.

Did i mention they are only 2 prims each!!

That's it for this week. By the end of the weekend the new beds will be available in a Girl/Girl version, and next friday will be my last release weekend in December as i Break for the holidays. At least 1 more bed, a dance pad, a Swing and perhaps a gingerbread house to come!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Nynaboo xx

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let the Holidays BOOgin!!!

Short blog today. Too much to do!

To Be Released later today:

This is a limited Edition Release from Nov 25 - Jan 02 2011

Also today:

And lastly

That latter i can't put in my store as it is pretty much an adult product, but i have put it in one of my mall stores at A Woman's Touch 2 so you can come and test it. On the marketplace it will only be available as a bundle, but you can buy the pieces separate at that mall store. The Throne will be sold separately as well. Prices to be announced in my group notice in world

This is probably going to be my only BDSM product so I hope you enjoy it.

That's it for now!! Enjoy these new products from Boo's Bits!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hanging with the girls, A Sleek Bed, barn cuddles and just in time for winter, O.o

Well we're gearing up for a bit of a release here, and I thought I'd do something strange and actually get the blog post up before the actual release. Kind of a sneak peak if you will....

It may seem to my loyal sexy customers that I am building like a madwoman with the many releases lately, but the truth is, I have been finishing up all the projects i started months ago, and just never got back to. I set out all of them on my build platform, and made a pact with myself that I wasn't making anything else until I finished them!

....and i failed miserably, putting out the new lapdance chair and the stables...but I'm also getting this stuff done in the process!!! Win/Win for meh!!!

Before we hit the new releases, i want to get the updated releases out of the way. I finally got around to putting out my Sunloungers in different colors than the red and the white (and no not the purple i sent out as a gift a while back). My timing sucks however as we're just getting into winter, but none the less i thought it best to get them out there. Here are some images of the new colors, which will be available in world and on the marketplace.
Click to view on Marketplace
Click to view on marketplace
Click to view on marketplace
Click to view on marketplace

So that's the new Sunloungers, by all means come and get a set to have ready for next spring! :)

On a side note, I am almost caught up with the half finished products, at which time i will be working on a new group gift for Winter, as well as a general winter product to market. Keep an eye out for those in December

Moving right along, I have another Bed product being released this week, in both Lesbian and Unisex flavors. This is very similar to the Modern Bed i released a couple of weeks ago, but with a slightly different frame, and more basic menus.

There are six colors, much like the Modern bed, the only major difference being that The Sleek Bed has a pink color but does not have a earth color. The Modern of course is the other way around.

These will be on display in store, so please come see them in person and give them a try. As always you will find the animations to the quality standards you expect from Boo's.

Click to view Girl/Girl version on Marketplace
Click to View Unisex version on Marketplace

Click to View Unisex Version on Marketplace
Click to view Girl/Girl version on Marketplace

Click to view Unisex version  on Marketplace
Click to View Girl/Girl version on Marketplace

I am fond of this bed as a great basic low prim alternative, fantastic for a linden home!

Next up I have a great couch set, for the ladies only. Not the usual sex couch you would expect, instead going for something more social in design.

Don't get confused by the style...yes I used the same sculpt as I did for the lapdance loveseat, but made the sofa larger, and kept the naughty stuff out. 

Containing Single sits, Friend sits (for up to 3 avatars) as well as Cuddles, this is a fantastic addition to any home and any room. Because there is no danger of a compromising animation, you could even put this in a cafe, venue, business....well pretty much anywhere!

It Sells for only 600L and will be available in 3 Colors on both the Marketplace and in world

Have a peek at these images for the black one

Click to view on Marketplace


Surf and Read...ity

As you can see there is a bit of fun to be had with these couches, containing my favorites Boing, Meditate, Read, Laptop and lots more.

Did i mention this is probably a limited release? By Limited i mean, will probably remove it in the new year. I guarantee it only available between now and Janurary 1 2011. So grab it while you can!!

It is transfer too so makes a great gift :D

Ok, Lastly this week I took the Rug and Sacks from my Stable last week, and put in some cuddles, letting it be menu driven for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples

You don't have to have my stable to use this (though it does look good in there) you just need to like a bit of that country feel, and a sexy someone to share it with!

Again this is a cuddle only product, that can be used anywhere with no danger of being caught in any compromising positions.

Will be on display in store as well as on the marketplace.

Click to view on the Marketplace

The deal of the week is the Unisex Massage Table (just to be fair after having the female one on special last week) for the pink Boo's truck of doom, It will be moved to a new location and the vendor inside will give you a nice discount!!

Until Next week, have a great weekend!!



Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Lapdance with Boo (and Horse Stables.....O.o)

New Product Friday is here, and i have 3 releases this week. 2 of which are a evolution of my Lap Dance products. The "Ultimate Lapdance Chair" has been renamed to V1 and will still be available, so if you want one of those you can still get one. The new products just give more options when shopping for that perfect sexy dance experience!

Click to see on Marketplace

The original was built at a time when i was still building my business, and i didn't have as many resources as I do now. When i chose to revisit the lapdance products I wanted to make sure they were not just a rehash of the old one, that i truly improved on it. I approached it the same way I did the original, built from the ground up and tested, tested, tested again, and then test a few more times before i became confident it was ready.

So what's new?

- New lower prim design (only 6 prims over the original 11)
- 111 Animations over the original 78
- 5 Sexy Dances instead of just 2
- More sex options in both Male/Female and Female/Female menus
- Modify!! (a lot of people wanted a modify chair so i listened and here it is)

Sell price is 1500L

I know I am going to get asked about upgrading from the old chair to the new one, and so i have thought through a exchange program. I do have one. Feel free to contact me or just read the note i send in the release notice!

On Display now in store

Click to see on marketplace

- 8 Prims
- 112 Animations
- Male/Female, Female/Female and new Group menu, for M/F/F and F/F/F
- Modify/Transfer

Sell price 1650L

The group menu is set up so two ladies can dance while someone watches. I know some of you like to spice things up with a friend, so this was designed specifically for you. You will notice some similarities between this one and the new chair, but there are differences. I consider this a seperate product to the other chairs, and there will not be a upgrade program for this.

It is good to have options after I will be selling all three products indefinitely. All are on display and ready for you to test now at the Boo's Store

Lastly I have a new prefab inspired by all my crazy friends with horses.

Click to see on Marketplace

I really am proud of this one considering i was never into making farm or ranch stuff before. But i think i might do a few more.

63 Prims and 15x15 size, it includes 8 stalls for horses, as well as a ledge with some feed bags you can sit against (6 animation options for single sits)

Here are a few more pictures for you. I tried to make it as detailed as I could, using a lot of nice sculpted prims and some amazing textures. Please come see it and give it a walk through

Sell price is only 700L and that is for a Mod/Copy version.

The Pink Truck will be moved sometime before Saturday with a new Product on the Deal of the week. This week I will be putting in the Girl/Girl Massage table, so if you wanted to get it you can at a discounted price.

All the new products are available at the Boo's main store on Isle of Boo, as well as the New marketplace

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Nynaboo xx

Monday, November 1, 2010

Evolving Boo's Products

I have been having a fairly stressful few weeks in my world, but as seems to happen, when things get like that i dive into building. As far as that is concerned it's been a bit crazy at how much i have done. I kind of have a que now of new products to release (which is great because i can keep doing the 1 or 2 weekly releases) and seems no end in sight to more!!

Granted, part of that is a folder i had of half finished stuff that I am finally getting through, like the Boo's Modern Bed i released this past weekend in both Unisex and Girl/Girl formats. Here is a bed i made ages ago for my Modern Home 02, that i always intended to expand and make in different colors....and only now have I finally got around to it!! (though I think it was worth the wait. For a basic bed this thing is loaded with some great animations i didn't have back when i started)

So there are plenty of those kinds of products on the way and I am excited to finally get them out.

As most people know though, I made the Boo's Bits name in SL by making what some call "the best lapdance chair available". This was a product i poured myself into, and tried to make it the very best it could be. The up side to that is, I think I did, and to this day it is still a very popular product. The downside is, when you put that much time and effort into a single can you ever improve on it? if it is "the best" then why bother trying to put out the same thing again?

But what I have recently come to terms with is that I started work on that product almost 8 months ago (maybe more, i can't recall) and the resources at my disposal then are nothing like the resources i have at my disposal now. So all i really needed to do, is pour myself into a product now the same way i did then, and see what possibilities could come from it!

So i have been doing a bit of that, exploring different possibilities, different designs, different animation combination's...and just seeing what i could come up with. And I am pleased to say, i have a very fun new lapdance product coming this weekend as a result!

When setting out to improve on what I had, i first looked at the different things people asked for.

-More Dances (new product will have 5 dances on top of the usual lapdances)
- More Cuddles (The new product has a separate cuddle menu)
- More separation between Male/Female and Female/Female menus (while there is some sharing on the new product, there are more animations specific to each menu)
- Ability to have more than one dancer at a time (done! and very excited about it)
- Different Furniture Design (the new product is most definitely different!)
- Modify (yes many of you wanted a modifiable Lapdance Product, and I'm going to deliver)

I hope that this one will be as popular as the chair, but don't think that the chair is going to be retired. This product is not meant as a replacement nor as a upgrade. This is a whole new product, and i think you will see the difference on release day.

If you can't tell, I'm fairly excited about it :)

Now, I am also thinking about a possible upgrade to the chair in the future, which brings up a few issues i need to think about. First how different will it be? how many more animations? Should i use the same design or a different design? What about people who already purchased it and want a upgrade?

I have already thought of how to resolve a few of those things but until i sort out the rest I am holding off on a upgrade (first and foremost, people who already own the chair will be offered a chance to get the new one in a low cost exchange process...pain in the butt for me, but good deal for you!)

I am thinking about doing a limited edition Green version of the chair for Christmas, maybe finding a charity to help donate some of the proceeds too. Not sure if that would appeal to anyone, but I have always wanted to be a in position where i could do something to help others that way, and this seems like a good time to do it. Any suggestions for a charity? Something that will help families that need it over christmas? Let me know!!

That's my update for now. Will do a proper release update on Thursday night (Friday morning) for the new product I am sure i have got your mouths watering over :) meanwhile come to the Boo's main store to test out the new Modern Bed!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Isle of Boo - New Location, New Products

So I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a sim for Boo's, which is a very very nice change! No neighbors and their laggy animals or greeters that cross over the parcel borders, or be all stubborn and not move! Nope, what happens on the Isle of Boo, stays on the Isle of Boo!!! (until you buy something in which case you can do all sorts of stuff at home with some Boo :)

The extra prims and space have allowed me to put more of my prefabs on display and get rid of the rezzer. Might just inspire me to make some more prefabs again, being that the rezzer took up so much time to set  up it kind of turned me off of them.

The store is officially in search now and the Blue Mountains location no longer listed. My Marketplace listings all updated, and landmarks in all my product boxes updated, so we can consider ourselves officially open!! (Though Sugarplum and Fantasy photo have yet to move, but Astrid said she would today so here's hoping she doesn't end up in another massive spider fight that wipes her out!!) - update: Fantasy Photo and Sugarplum are now moved)

And what would a new store opening be without some new products!!! These will go up on Friday on the new marketplace but are available now at the Isle of Boo.

My original Girl/Girl couches were fairly popular but I kept being asked for a unisex version, but never got around to it. So when it came time to do a new couch release I decided I'd just release this as Unisex (though I will do custom versions still) and make it the most complete couch product I have offered...and probably the prettiest too!!

Boo's Couples Sofa - Unisex

I have packed the couches with about 190 animations, and there is some really fun stuff in there aside from the usual sexy goodness you have come to know and love! Come try one in store and check out the "boing" animations for up to 3 friends. I literally can spend hours just "boing"ing on these couches!!.

You'll also notice a lot of emphasis has been put on cuddles for these couches over the sex menus (though i don't skimp that much...all the basics are there) but lets face it, couches are primarily for cuddles! Sure sometimes it leads to something naughty but it always starts with a cuddle, a snuggle a kiss then a snog!! So I think you'll enjoy how many cuddle options i have included.

I took a lot of time to pick and choose which cuddle and sex animations would work as well, to be sure each was a compliment and not awkward. If you don't think this is the best couch you have tried, please IM me what is missing so i can know for future couch products (which by the way, there are more coming that will compliment this rooms by Boo!!)

Seriously come in to see it! I really do think you'll love it!

The couches are Modify/Transfer and sell at 1350L each (this is a launch price. price may increase at a later time)

Boo's Chaise - Two Styles

My Next new product is a sweet furniture product that would compliment any room. Boo's Chaise comes in two flavors and again is a Unisex Product. Both versions have the same number of Animations, however some different options due to the way they were designed. A great low prim addition to any home or skybox, the chaise contains single sits, friend sits, couples cuddles and couples sex (with the usual Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl options).

157 Quality Animations, only 8 Prims and sells for only 999L. You are absoultely going to want to test this out yourself in store

And the run down looks like this!!!

I was recently asked by a customer to do some seating for a gaming area they had, and i got this crazy idea to do some bleachers, like the old style you see on school playing fields! I made two versions, to let her decide which worked best, and now i offer them up to you!

They come in a handy Rez Faux for easy rezzing and positioning (the benches are not linked) and each bench sits 4 people...and each seat gets a male and a female sit option. There are also a few sits on the ground as well. Created using Perfect Sitter, no pose balls required!! The large version can sit up to 49 people, while the small version up to 25. These are great for events, concerts contests or even conferences or meetings.

Copy/Modify, large version sells for 750L, small version for 500L. They are on Display now in my Outdoors Area. Give them a try!!

Lastly, I am releasing my Girlsclub Dome, which is a smaller variation on my first Girlsclub, designed to be used primarily in the sky but can be used on ground as well. This is technically not a new build. I made it originally for my own club, After Hours. But seeing as the club is now long gone i decided to make it available to someone else who has dreams and aspirations of a dome club!....there's at least 1 of you I'm sure :)

At only 25 Prims, it includes the animated Dance Floor, Removable Dome, DJ Booth with Animation (though i don't think anyone uses booths anymore..but in case you do it is there...and if you don't want it the thing is modify so feel free to remove it!!) and it sells for 800L (a bit more than the regular girlsclub mostly due to sentimental value and sculpts used)

And that is my amazingly long blog post on the new Sim and the new products!! Lots more to come from the Isle of Boo so keep checking back!!