Thursday, July 12, 2012

Going Retro with BOO!! - New Lapdance Products

Well hello there my lovelies! It's been a pretty fun week for me. If you didn't already know, all my lapdance chairs and loveseats are on sale until July 15th at Midnight! So now is a GREAT time to upgrade to a copy version or buy another flavor (or if you don't have one yet...why not? Come get one!)

And keeping with that theme I have a new Lapdance product for you, before you groan and say "Another lap dance product?" there is something in this version that sets it apart from the others (aside from the retro style)

Boo's Retro Lapdance Lounger!

Included in this beautiful low prim lounger are all the great animation sets you have come to love in our other lapdance products, as well as new animations and for the first time a M/F/F menu!

Now you can entertain two potential suitors at once! It doesn't get much better than that!

229 quality Animations designed and configured to offer a wide range of options. Seperate Menus for Boy/Girl, Female/Female, M/F/F, M/M/F and F/F/F configured sets!

Oh did I mention this bad boy is only 3 prims? Yeah, It's only 3 prims! (and the shadow prim can be removed if you have shadows enabled on your viewer, which would bring it to only 2 prims!). Perfect for small land or linden homes!

Transfer Version sells at the launch price of 1000L (will go up after the 15th to 1700L) and the Copy version sells for 2300L (Will go up after the 15th to 3800L). Come down and give it a try! I think you'll like it!

Please remember that these products are made with sculpt maps so it will take a moment for the textures to load at the main store

All prices on the Lapdance products will be raised after midnight on the 15th, so don't delay! Tell your friends!

I also want to mention I am now full time Boo's Bits*, so I have a lot more time than I used to for things. That means I can do custom orders again, and I have more time to do promotions for Boo's! If you have a product you want, or a promotion idea for me, please drop a note in my Suggestion box at the store, or email me at

As a side note, many of you may have noticed I have a jazzy style club at the sim. My friend Jon has also set up his Pub at the sim. We are thinking of running some events, but not entirely sure what kinds of events to run. This is where you come in!

Come by the store and drop off a suggestion for what kind of events you'd like to see at either of these two venues. ie: live music, contests, dance events etc. We'll review them and then decide what we want to do from there!

Thank you all so much for the continued support of Boo's Bits!



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*Just because I said full time Boo's Bits, does not mean I will be logged in 24/7. It just means it is my only job right now. I do have a life outside of SL i need to attend to at times, but my availability is much higher now! :)

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