Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boo's Coffin Bed - New Release October 25 2012

Some of you know I haven't been around much due to some health issues, so I have to give a huge thank you to 2 very good friends for helping me get this product that I started about a month ago, finished in time for Halloween! Thank you Sarah and Lil! Much love!

Boo's Coffin Bed (with D/S menu)

Boo's Bits is proud to present this Spoooooky bed for lovers, dead or alive! The Coffin Bed is that something a little different for your home, castle or lair! 

Containing 179 quality animations (143 in Girl/Girl version) you will find everything you expect out of a Boo's Bits bed and more! Only 13 prims and menus for singles, Friends, Boy/Girl couples, Girl/Girl couples, and even some D/S options for the kinkier couple!

Standard cuffs are included for the D/S chained options, but they should work with most common cuffs used in Second Life.

NOTE: When using the D/S Menu you will rez 4 additional prims as posts are added to the bed for chains. 

Perfect for the Halloween season or just that gothic decor you have! The Coffin Bed will become an essential part of your furniture collection!

Available in both Copy and Transfer versions depending on what your needs are, and I am selling it at a ridiculously low price until November 1st!

Unisex Transfer Version - 800L
Unisex Copy Version - 2500L
Lesbian Transfer Version - 600L
Lesbian Copy Version - 2000L

Come and get it!

That's all I have for new products for now.. I do however have a sale on the Retro lapdance lounger. Ended up not being a great seller, so I have decided to retire it. Prices have been lowered on the Transfer and copy versions and will be on sale until I remove them (anywhere from 1-2 weeks from now)

Thanks everyone!



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