Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washing off The BOO!!! - New Product Release

Hi everyone! Really excited about this new product! It came as a customer suggestion and a really good one too!!

Tired of trying to find that perfect shower to compliment your home? Fear not! Boo's Bits has a solution for you!

Boo's Shower Anywhere!

Now you can place a shower against any wall you want, and have a variety of showering and sensual animations to use as you get washed up for the day!

*You can shower anywhere but you need to have land permissions to rez it)

There are three flavors, a standard version with all the showering and sexy goodness, a PG version for just the showering and a D/S version for those who are a bit more kinky!

And here is something you will like! They are COPYABLE. That's right, rez as many times as you need to with no fear of loss!

Also they are very low prim! Only 5 prims for the PG and Standard and only 14 prims for the D/S (what with all those places to get chained up!

Standard version sells for only 800L - 48 Animations

PG Version for 350L - 14 Animations

D/S Version for 1200L - 88 Animations

Considering they are copyable versions, I think I'm at a fairly good price point there

That's it for now! I need to go celebrate me some Canada Day! Have a great week everyone!!



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