Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took a bit to get this one out, but it was one of those products that starts simple, then ends up taking longer as I start thinking people might want different versions!

So I bring you 3 new products, which are all kind of related to each other.

Boo's Fireplace & Rug

This is the set that I originally built, trying to make a nice romantic rug and fireplace combo in a low prim. Fantastic Romance options in this one, using both the Fireplace and the Rug for positioning.

Only 14 Prims


Unisex Version sells for 1100L - 201 Animations
Lesbian Version sells for 950L - 154 Animations

Next I decided some of you might already have a fireplace you like, but a nice Fur Rug would be great! So I have made a seperate Rug version just for you!

Boo's Furry Rug (insert dirty jokes here)

The Rug does not contain the exact same set up as the Fireplace/Rug combo, but it has all the important stuff!

7 Prims


Unisex Version sells for 975L - 164 Animations
Lesbian Version sells for 850L - 131 Animations

And Finally, I decided some of you might have one of my Rugs i released earlier, so all you'd need is a fireplace...or maybe you don't need a rug at all, but would love a Fireplace that you can sit on....

Boo's Basic Fireplace

Containing 8 different sitting options, and no pose balls required, this 7 prim Fireplace is perfect for a linden home or a smaller parcel...or even a bigger one! The Choice is yours!!

The Basic Fireplace is a Marketplace Exclusive for only 200L.

Deal of the Week is "Boo & Rhi's Cottahe 01" Available at 25% off the SALE price...doesn't get much better than that!

That's it for now! As we head into July I will continue to make some new stuff, but probably not as quickly. My RL world gets busy in the Summertime!

That said, I have a group gift for you all, most likely next week, so stay tuned for that!!

My General Rating Store is almost here! Land has been purchased and the location is under construction. Should have news on that for August!! (finally! only took 6 months from when i planned it hehe)

Until then, have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July to all my US friends!!



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