Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry HolidayMas and where the heck have I been anyway?

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas, or holiday greeting of your choice, and thank you again for another wonderful Boo's Bits business year.

It has been an extraordinarily difficult year for me in my First Life, which has kept me out of Second Life a lot, but you all still came and shopped and spread the word, and it kept Boo's Bits alive. I can never thank you all enough for that!

As we approach 2012 I am hoping things will ease up in my Real world so I can come and continue updating products and releasing new ones. Honestly though i don't see that happening until after the winter season. It's been a hard year for many people in the world, and we all are hoping the future will turn brighter. I have had some health issues, and work issues but so many people are going through things so much harder than that. I mean, at least I have a job (or two considering I am still doing customer support as often as I can for Boo's) and a roof and food and friends who love me.

So with that in mind, I have decided that any purchased done between Christmas day and New years day, I will be donating the whole income to my local food bank. I have spent a lot of this year being concerned about my problems and the things I have been going through, I wanted to reach out to others who are far worse off than I, and give some kind of support.

I have chosen to this locally, and I encourage all of you to do something locally for the people in your neighborhoods that need help. Sometimes, something as simple as a warm Christmas meal for someone who can't afford to make one, can be all the difference in the world.

So I wish you all a Happy Holiday, and thank you again for all your support. I hope you get to spend it with people you love and being thankful that you have them! I know I am



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