Monday, August 22, 2011

Leather Lapdance, Laz-e-boo! New Product Releases!!

Hello everyone!

I've been having a very busy RL lately so I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get some new products released. I'm hoping things calm a bit as the fall comes so i can focus on some more new stuff!

in the meantime however I have 3 new products to tell you about today.

First up we have 2 new Lapdance products. For a long time now people have been asking me for a leather club style chair. Well I caved and not only am I giving you a leathery Lapdance Chair, but I am also releasing a Leathery Lapdance Loveseat!

And to celebrate these new versions I am Reducing them 750L off the regular price for 7 days! So snag them up before the end of the week to save. The regular prices are 1550 for the chair and 1700 for the Loveseat. Sale Prices: 800L for the chair, 950L for the loveseat

3 Prims, 138 Animations, Modify/Transfer - Regular Price 1550L

3 Prims, 181 Animations, Modify/Transfer - Regular Price 1700L

I have made some changes in the menus on these versions, adding all new animations to both Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl menus, but also setting the Girl/Girl animations to required less swapping!

Next up we have the Laz-E-BOO Couples Chair!!

The Laz E Boo is 7 prims and contains 64 Animations for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples. It is Modify/Transfer and sells for 650L

Great thing about this chair is it uses similar textures to my Couples Couches so easy to match. If you liked the version i sent out as a group gift, but wanted something you could cuddle on, this is it right here!

The Deal of the week vendor in the Pink Boo's Truck has the Office Affiar Break station on sale for 15% off its regular price. Will actually try to remember to change the product at the end of the week...i always seem to forget until I put out new stuff!!

That's all for now!! Hope you enjoy these new products and sale prices!!



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