Friday, September 10, 2010

Showertime with Boo!!!

New Releases this week, include a Shower Set, a new radio station and what will probably be the last of the radio booths!!

First the shower, which is really just the first part of a bathroom set i am putting together. It comes in 6 flavors, so you can be sure you will find at least one in a color you'll like! Also they are modify so you can change them.

This idea kind of came up after a customer made a comment in a review about how i was somehow trying to help them refurnish their house one piece at a time lol (ahhh lex you silly bish) and talked about wanting me to do a bathroom set.

Well who am I to argue with a suggestion like that? So i started with the shower, because I felt like it would probably be the most used piece of a bathroom set (with the exception of a hottub, which is coming). I figured the rest could follow in parts, and as long as i keep the colors available in each part, then you guys can slowly build your own bathroom!

Here are the details in a nutshell:

13 prims

46 Animations

Modify/Transfer (Scripts and Animations are Transfer Only)

Animation Menu

- Click the shelf for the animation menu. Animations are split up as follows


2 Male Shower Animations
2 Female Shower Animations
1 Naughty Male Animation
1 Naughty Female Animation

1 Male/Female Shower Option
1 Female/Female Shower Option
M/F Sex Menu - 9 Sex Options, 2 watersports fetish Options
F/F Sex Menu - 9 Sex options, 1 watersports fetish Option

The "Watersports" options were included as a request from a customer, but i have not added the particles for is up to you to have a way to do that. I just supply the animations

So that is the new unisex product for this week, and the other parts to this set should come in the weeks to follow. Will probably release some of the smaller bits before I get to the hottub...had to get new animations for the shower and i already know i will for the hottub. lol. So best i sell a few things first :)

They are on display now in store, and on the New Marketplace. As I may have mentioned before I am not adding any more new products to xstreet, so please visit my store front at the New Marketplace for all the latest products

Second and third new products are the new radio station and the radio booth (which is included in that station. I won't do a big long description for these, as i already did a post on the booths before.

I will however point out that the Radio Station is basically a smaller, more generic version of the Lil Town Radio station, but with the new booth set up. So it no longer seems like just a talk radio station, but that of a rock and roll or music station.

It is furnished, with a Lobby, Reception area, Office and Conference area, with the Radio Booth found right at the heart of the building.

It is copy/mod and about 251 prims total (lots of that being the booth itself for the detail)

Won't go into too many furniture details...feel free to come and try them yourself, but i will mention that they are all copy/modify, with quality single sit animations

The Booth itself is pretty much as it was seen in my preview earlier in the blog so i will just leave you with the product image for now, and please do come to the shop and give it a try!!!

That's all for now!!!



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