Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School with BOO!!!


it's that season (at least in north America) and to celebrate I've put together a new Girl/Girl product that fits with the theme!!

Boo's Bits is Proud to present

Boo's Naughty School Bundle - Classroom Set

This is a girl/girl product (though i have made a unisex version of the Student desk i will release later)

I got to thinking i needed to do some themed products, to go with special holidays or events through the year...and when i tried thinking of what the next big thing was for the year, i got inspired by the massive number of Back to School flyers that have been arriving in my mailbox. lol. So after recycling them (imma good girl!) i sat down and started to plan out the classroom set!!

Really quite proud of this set which includes a Teachers Desk & Chalkboard, with a custom texture created by Beth Porterfield, and 2 Student Desks...also with a desktop created by the wonderfully talented Beth (please please please check out her store next to Boo's...some really nice clothing)

Each has been set up with animations to compliment the product and as always i only used the best available. Because of the "naughty schoolgirl" theme i had to get some spanks, and a few other discipline animations...which is not as easy as you might think (well it is..but to find quality ones that compliment the others i had? not so much)

Here are the details

Teacher’s Desk and Blackboard – 12 prims

108 Animations

Menu’s include solo sits and self pleasure animations for teacher, Teacher/Student menu with Animations for kisses, cuddles, sexy dancing, spanking and sex as well and a Teacher/Student/Student menu for advanced lessons in kissing, cuddling and. The 2 Students menu also includes Exam options where the teacher can be more hands on with Both students to make sure they have retained the knowledge!

Menu’s are as follows

Teacher - 9 Options

-Teach - 10 Options
--Tutor - 19 Options
--Cram - 6 Options (Strap On)

-Lessons - 18 Options
-Exam - 9 Options (3Some)

New animations not seen before in another boo’s product!! 3 new Sexy Dances for student to entertain teacher, a new over the knee spank animation and a rough against the blackboard animation.

Desk and Blackboard are Modify (not including animations and scripts) which means you can adjust the poses to fit your avatar and save the positions to the notecards!

Student Desk 8 prims each

57 – Animations

Menu’s include single Student sits including Listening, Reading, Writing, Brushing Hair, Perching on the desk, Bound to the chair and self pleasure as well as a Sex Ed menu for teacher to get more hands on with the student, offering lessons of anatomy, penetration, discipline and more.

Menu’s are as follows

Student - 9 Options

Sex Ed - 12 Options

Contains new animations not seen prior in a Boo’s Product including an over the chair spank

It is on display now at the Boo's main store, and will be up on the Marketplace later today!

The Desk & Blackboard and the Student Desk are sold separate as well. So if you only want 1 Desk you can get 1 desk!! but for 50L more you may as well have the two...they are transfer after all :)

That's it for now...i have to get going on the releases!!! have a great weekend!!! (might have something else to post later though)



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