Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boo's Lesbian Bed Engine

Hey everyone!!

To round out the weekend i have one more new item to release! I have had a few requests for this so i am pleased to be able to make it available!! Sorry guys this one is just for the ladies (for now, let me know if you want a unisex one and we'll see). Specifically for those ladies who already have a bed but wish they could have the animation sets i use in it!

The Transfer version sells for 1099L and the copy version for 3500L, contains 154 fantastic animations, including single sits, friendly sits, cuddles, sex and threesome!

I have included a instruction manual to help you get it set up on your own bed, but as we all know beds come in different shapes and sizes, so odds are you will want to adjust these poses a bit. While i have included how to do that in the instructions, if you are wary of do-it-yourself items, this might not be the product for you!!

However, i am willing to help do some custom configurations (at an additional cost...these things take a bit of time) if you really want the engine but don't want to bother with configuring it!

This product pretty much only exists because so many of you asked for one (sniff sniff...they just like my menu's not my beds..waaaaaaah *whine whine whine*) and as most of you know, i do aim to please ;)

It is on display in store, so come and give it a try, though if you have tried one of my beds odds are you have seen it before ;)

Also i have a new building at the Boo's parcel, for items i am thinking of retiring. They will be offered at a lower price and only for a limited time. My old bunk beds are in there, some prefabs, club furniture and other furniture bits. If you want to see any of the boxed items just send me a IM or notecard and we'll make some arrangements.

And yes...i'm willing to haggle a little :)

That's all for now!!!


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