Wednesday, September 15, 2010

File this under BOO - Boo's Office Affair

I was planning on working on more of the bathroom series i started with the Shower, but instead got sidetracked by starting a whole new series of products. This series is called "office affair" and I have just released the first product from it.

Boo's Office Affair - File Cabinet

In general, this product is a very simple one. It is only 2 prims (1 is the shadow which can be removed) but packs some very nice naughty animations. I had always wanted to make a product where i could use the "against the wall" type animations in a more focused manner, and this seemed the perfect place to do it.

Just like any of my products, i only choose animations to compliment what you are buying, instead of other sellers who just take comfort in packing items with as many animations as possible....regardless if they fit or not.

So the end result is that this only has 38 animations, 6 single sits, 9 male/Female options and 9 Female/Female options. And really, it doesn't need more than that. You're not going to replace a bed or couch with this. You're going to use it to spice things up once and a while, rather than the same old boring bed/couch routine.

I always felt it was the reason my lapdance chair was so popular...aside from the fact that you can lapdance in it. It is one of those things that stands on its own, and while you may already have a sex bed or couch, it is worth having one of those lapdance chairs too. Well, why not a file cabinet just to mix it up a bit more?

It is now available on the New Marketplace and at the Boo's Bits Main store.



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