Friday, September 24, 2010

Office Affair Desks and Revisited Patio Set!


I am getting myself some vacation time in RL, so I may take a bit of vacation time in SL as well...though probaby not lol. But just in case I am putting out a few things this week rather than just a single release.

First up, lets look at a product i revisited recently. The Patio Loungers.

The original version was made for a friend and had lovely pink and purple pillows. But i respect that not everyone wants pink and purple pillows, so the first thing i did was give them a more
neutral, beachy texture

The next thing i did was go through my animation sets i have gotten since the first release, and re did the menu's, offering a lot more than the previous version...which of course means the price goes up a bit...but i think you'll agree with me when you try it, that it'll be worth it.

After that i re did the menu's again to do a lesbian version, so you could have the choice. Unisex version costs more of course, as it contains more animations. But if all you need is girl/girl animations then I have you set!!

The Lounger and Chair are available separately as well if you only want one, but if you do want both, you'll save a bunch by buying in the bundle.

Next up, A few Desks for Boo's Office Affair series!!

Lets start with the basic naughty desk, which is pretty much as it says. Contains Male and Female Single Sits, Friend Poses and Couples Cuddle and sex animations. As it is a Unisex product it has a separate boy/girl and girl/girl menu set. It is available in 3 colors

I kept this one fairly basic at only 110 animations. It is a improvement over my original office desk but I would put this in the mid priced category.

Solo Sits
-Male - 10 Options
-Female - 10 Options

Friends - 6 Options (3 Male/Female and 3 Female/Female)

--Cuddle - 6 Options
---Foreplay - 9 Options
---Sex - 9 Options

--Cuddles - 9 Options
--Naughty - 9 Options

Modify/Transfer so you can save your own positions if they don't quite match up with your avatar.

Sells for 800L

The high end, dare i say "ultimate" Office Affair Desk product is the new Corner Desk and file cabinet. This sucker is packed full of a WHOPPING 235 animations, including male and female single sits, solo naughty, Friend sits, Cuddles, Sex and threesomes! Seperate menu's for M/F, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/F and F/F/F couples!! (if you made sense of that....) Also available in 3 colors.

Here is the complete menu info:

Solo Sits
-Male - 12 single sits, 3 Naughty Sits
-Female - 14 single sits, 4 Naughty Sits

-Friend MF - 6 Options
-Friend FF - 6 Options

--Cuddle - 12 cuddle options
---Foreplay - 13 options
---Sex - 15 options

--Cuddles - 9 options
--Kisses - 9 Options
--Naughty - 24 Options

--M/M/F - 4 Options
--M/F/F - 6 Options
--F/F/F - 9 Options

The file cabinet i included is also set up with a script to allow you to place items inside, and have them give away to Anyone, Group or just owner. You can put in Landmarks, Objects, Notes or even images! The whole thing is Modify/Transfer and sells for 1350L

And lastly, i released a Unisex version of the Teacher's Desk & Chalkboard, and bundled it with the Unisex Student desks. I had a couple requests for it so i figured i may as well. There is a catch though. While it does have girl/girl animations as well, they are set up only in the 2Student menu, with the Blue Ball available for a Male "teacher" to watch the action. Otherwise this is strickly a Boy/Girl version.

Modify/Transfer, sells for 950 on its own or 1600 in the bundle with two unisex student desks!

That's it for this week!! Hope everyone enjoys the new products and lots more to come in the future!! for now though it is vacation time!! Must find Wine!!! :D

Nynaboo xx

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