Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Lapdance with Boo (and Horse Stables.....O.o)

New Product Friday is here, and i have 3 releases this week. 2 of which are a evolution of my Lap Dance products. The "Ultimate Lapdance Chair" has been renamed to V1 and will still be available, so if you want one of those you can still get one. The new products just give more options when shopping for that perfect sexy dance experience!

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The original was built at a time when i was still building my business, and i didn't have as many resources as I do now. When i chose to revisit the lapdance products I wanted to make sure they were not just a rehash of the old one, that i truly improved on it. I approached it the same way I did the original, built from the ground up and tested, tested, tested again, and then test a few more times before i became confident it was ready.

So what's new?

- New lower prim design (only 6 prims over the original 11)
- 111 Animations over the original 78
- 5 Sexy Dances instead of just 2
- More sex options in both Male/Female and Female/Female menus
- Modify!! (a lot of people wanted a modify chair so i listened and here it is)

Sell price is 1500L

I know I am going to get asked about upgrading from the old chair to the new one, and so i have thought through a exchange program. I do have one. Feel free to contact me or just read the note i send in the release notice!

On Display now in store

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- 8 Prims
- 112 Animations
- Male/Female, Female/Female and new Group menu, for M/F/F and F/F/F
- Modify/Transfer

Sell price 1650L

The group menu is set up so two ladies can dance while someone watches. I know some of you like to spice things up with a friend, so this was designed specifically for you. You will notice some similarities between this one and the new chair, but there are differences. I consider this a seperate product to the other chairs, and there will not be a upgrade program for this.

It is good to have options after I will be selling all three products indefinitely. All are on display and ready for you to test now at the Boo's Store

Lastly I have a new prefab inspired by all my crazy friends with horses.

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I really am proud of this one considering i was never into making farm or ranch stuff before. But i think i might do a few more.

63 Prims and 15x15 size, it includes 8 stalls for horses, as well as a ledge with some feed bags you can sit against (6 animation options for single sits)

Here are a few more pictures for you. I tried to make it as detailed as I could, using a lot of nice sculpted prims and some amazing textures. Please come see it and give it a walk through

Sell price is only 700L and that is for a Mod/Copy version.

The Pink Truck will be moved sometime before Saturday with a new Product on the Deal of the week. This week I will be putting in the Girl/Girl Massage table, so if you wanted to get it you can at a discounted price.

All the new products are available at the Boo's main store on Isle of Boo, as well as the New marketplace

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Nynaboo xx

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