Friday, December 3, 2010

The Classic Boo!! The Holiday Boo!! the Squishy Boo!!! New Releases!!

Hey everyone!!

A bit later than i hoped to get this notice out, but it's been a crazy week with RL and SL. But as promised I have some new products for you, including 2 new beds, a Holiday set and some squishy chairs!!

First a very brief explanation for the new naming process I am using on some things. I kinda have trouble being inventive with names, so I decided I was going to start naming some of my products after my friends! kind of a way to show my appreciation to them for giving me the time of day lol. Of course I’m sure I’ll regret it when they eventually turn on me, try to knock me off and take over my business (I'm looking at YOU Rosa -.-) but i kind of like the idea of playing tribute to them in that way.

So that out of the way, lets get on with the products shall we?

First up I have a (lame named) new Limited Edition Holiday set!!

This is a great set for you and friends to hang out and about in this festive season, sitting around the fire and Xmas tree!!

Included in this package are 3 objects. Holiday Rug that seats up to 5, Holiday Fireplace which seats 2, and a basic xmas tree prop to help with the mood.  33 prims with all parts but the Rug, Fireplace and Tree are separate so you can use one or all of them if you like!!

This limited Edition set sells for 500L and will be available only until Janurary 2nd

It is on display at the store and available on the marketplace

Next we have 2 of my new Classic series of beds, both of which i spent a long time working on and making as complete as I could. They are only available in Unisex currently, but don't worry a lesbian version will be out in the next day or so. Will send a quick notice when i do that.

First up, The Astrid! Available in 4 colors

Second up, The Synoa! Available in 5 Colors

Both are available for 1650L and contain 233 Animations, including Singles, Friends, Boy/Girl Couples, Girl/Girl Couples, Group menus and a D/S menu. I have also included a set of cuffs if you decide to use the D/S menu, but your own cuffs are most likely compatible (tested with MD Cuffs and Lockmeister)

They are on display with a rezzer to see all the colors at the Main Store and available on Marketplace

Lastly, a nice simple basic gift for only 100L! Squishy Chairs!!! What's a Squishy chair?? Why it's a chair that is squishy of course!!! While you can't actually squish them, you can sit in them and relish in the squishy goodness!!! :)

Available in 9 Colors, each Squishy chair has 3 Female and 3 Male animations, No pose balls needed. Just place and sit!!. Make with the perfect Sitter system so you can adjust the poses yourself to fit your avatar.

Did i mention they are only 2 prims each!!

That's it for this week. By the end of the weekend the new beds will be available in a Girl/Girl version, and next friday will be my last release weekend in December as i Break for the holidays. At least 1 more bed, a dance pad, a Swing and perhaps a gingerbread house to come!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Nynaboo xx

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