Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hanging with the girls, A Sleek Bed, barn cuddles and just in time for winter, O.o

Well we're gearing up for a bit of a release here, and I thought I'd do something strange and actually get the blog post up before the actual release. Kind of a sneak peak if you will....

It may seem to my loyal sexy customers that I am building like a madwoman with the many releases lately, but the truth is, I have been finishing up all the projects i started months ago, and just never got back to. I set out all of them on my build platform, and made a pact with myself that I wasn't making anything else until I finished them!

....and i failed miserably, putting out the new lapdance chair and the stables...but I'm also getting this stuff done in the process!!! Win/Win for meh!!!

Before we hit the new releases, i want to get the updated releases out of the way. I finally got around to putting out my Sunloungers in different colors than the red and the white (and no not the purple i sent out as a gift a while back). My timing sucks however as we're just getting into winter, but none the less i thought it best to get them out there. Here are some images of the new colors, which will be available in world and on the marketplace.
Click to view on Marketplace
Click to view on marketplace
Click to view on marketplace
Click to view on marketplace

So that's the new Sunloungers, by all means come and get a set to have ready for next spring! :)

On a side note, I am almost caught up with the half finished products, at which time i will be working on a new group gift for Winter, as well as a general winter product to market. Keep an eye out for those in December

Moving right along, I have another Bed product being released this week, in both Lesbian and Unisex flavors. This is very similar to the Modern Bed i released a couple of weeks ago, but with a slightly different frame, and more basic menus.

There are six colors, much like the Modern bed, the only major difference being that The Sleek Bed has a pink color but does not have a earth color. The Modern of course is the other way around.

These will be on display in store, so please come see them in person and give them a try. As always you will find the animations to the quality standards you expect from Boo's.

Click to view Girl/Girl version on Marketplace
Click to View Unisex version on Marketplace

Click to View Unisex Version on Marketplace
Click to view Girl/Girl version on Marketplace

Click to view Unisex version  on Marketplace
Click to View Girl/Girl version on Marketplace

I am fond of this bed as a great basic low prim alternative, fantastic for a linden home!

Next up I have a great couch set, for the ladies only. Not the usual sex couch you would expect, instead going for something more social in design.

Don't get confused by the style...yes I used the same sculpt as I did for the lapdance loveseat, but made the sofa larger, and kept the naughty stuff out. 

Containing Single sits, Friend sits (for up to 3 avatars) as well as Cuddles, this is a fantastic addition to any home and any room. Because there is no danger of a compromising animation, you could even put this in a cafe, venue, business....well pretty much anywhere!

It Sells for only 600L and will be available in 3 Colors on both the Marketplace and in world

Have a peek at these images for the black one

Click to view on Marketplace


Surf and Read...ity

As you can see there is a bit of fun to be had with these couches, containing my favorites Boing, Meditate, Read, Laptop and lots more.

Did i mention this is probably a limited release? By Limited i mean, will probably remove it in the new year. I guarantee it only available between now and Janurary 1 2011. So grab it while you can!!

It is transfer too so makes a great gift :D

Ok, Lastly this week I took the Rug and Sacks from my Stable last week, and put in some cuddles, letting it be menu driven for both Male/Female and Female/Female couples

You don't have to have my stable to use this (though it does look good in there) you just need to like a bit of that country feel, and a sexy someone to share it with!

Again this is a cuddle only product, that can be used anywhere with no danger of being caught in any compromising positions.

Will be on display in store as well as on the marketplace.

Click to view on the Marketplace

The deal of the week is the Unisex Massage Table (just to be fair after having the female one on special last week) for the pink Boo's truck of doom, It will be moved to a new location and the vendor inside will give you a nice discount!!

Until Next week, have a great weekend!!



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