Thursday, December 9, 2010

The BOO is edition releases and a new bed!!

Hey everyone!!

This will be my last set of new releases for 2010 (not including the group gift which will be sent later this week). Seems my little hobby, that exploded with the lapdance chair release, has turned into a pretty significant part time I'm booking myself some vacation time :) This past year i have worked really really hard to make some really great products, and thanks to all of you it looks like i can keep that up in the new year.

So...thanks...and stuff :)

Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff, here are the releases!!

Limited Edition Holiday Product Alert!!

This Gingerbread house sits on a 20x20 sculpted snowbank, comes with fireplace, Xmas tree, chair, bed and rug pillows...all made as candy as i could make them!  if you want something super cute to spend some time in over the holidays, this might be up your alley!!

The fireplace is similar to the one i included with the Holiday Rug set, and has the same animations in it. The Chair is a candy textured version of the squishy chair. The pillow sets by the fireplace contain 9 Single sits each, and the bed contains 3 couples animations and 3 single animations.

This one is only going to be available until Jan 2 like the other holiday gifts, so if you think you'd like one, get em while you can.

The whole thing is only 500L and on display on the prefab platform now

Here are some more images

 Boo's Snowglobe Dance Pad

I've been working on some dance pads for some time. I included a few samplers in my Lil Town Adult Club, but i never did get around to releasing them (probably will in the new year, i just want more than one design to release). But I am releasing one I put together after having one of those fleeting ideas that make you giggle.

Build as a oversize snow globe, it has particle snow and a nice winter glow. I have included a single dance to get started with, but you will absolutely want to add your own.

The Snowglobe is set so you can put any dance or animation you want inside of it, and it will be listed in the drop down menu. No notecard to configure, no fancy steps to go through. just click it in build mode and drop your animation inside. You can even do it while you are already dancing.

You can either pick or choose which dance you want, or you can choose Random and have it cycle through them. The Dance Pad was scripted by Rian Jayaram, and i strongly recommend his scripts. Fantastic customer service from this gentleman :)

Sells for only 350L and is available to try in store now!!

Boo's Classics - The Porterfield

 As the other beds in the Classic series, this one comes in both a Unisex and Girl/Girl version, in 5 colors. 231 Animations for the Unisex, 174 for the Girl/Girl, and it is only 15 prims.

All the menus you expect are in there, Single, Friends, Couples and D/S.

Unisex Version 1650L

Girl/Girl Version 1350L

That's it for releases and as mentioned before, there will be a group gift coming later in the week. plus if you are trying to think of a gift to get someone but are not sure what they will like, keep in mind i have gift cards in 100L, 200L, 500L and 1000L available for purchase. They are on the marketplace now as well.

Now for some other stuff, that may or may not interest you, going into the new year.

Boo's Main Store

Some of you might have already noticed i have moved the prefabs up to a platform for the time being. I am playing with the idea of using a different store prefab as my main store. I found an absolutely beautiful one that i have been thinking of using, but the more i set it up, the more i think what I have already is it remains to be seen what will happen with that. Either way, there will be some renovating for if you pop by the sim and see bits of store all over the place...that is probably why. lol.

Boo's PG Store

With the coming teens to the main grid, and being limited to PG parcels, I have decided to purchase me a little mainland to open a Boo's store for the kiddies. The store will contain many of my products, but with all mature content removed (sorry kids, no lapdance for you!!). Look for that sometime in January or February. Will give it a trial and if it works out then great! if not, then no big loss. Can't hurt to try :)

Boo's Jazz Club

Oh opening a club is so cliche isn't it? Well I'm doing it anyway! Not just another best in contest club, this will be aimed more at couples dancing.  Will give you more information on that after the New Year

Boo's Products, group gifts and release dates

I will continue to spend time making new things for you, and i already have a list that includes home bars, corner kitchens, swings, club furniture, more beds, more couches, more lapdance products.....also more prefabs (lil town series police station, restaurant, bakery, Community Center, Warehouse II, TV Studio and School)

I will also continue doing the group gifts every month, as well as the deal of the week in the Boo's pink truck. In addition to that, I will be (finally) setting up a group vendor! This will be for select new releases at a reduced rate only for people who have subscribed to my group. That will come in January

And due to RL work getting a bit more demanding I will be changing release dates from the Thursday/Friday to Wednesdays and Saturdays, every 2 weeks instead of every week.

Boo's Blog

The Blog for the most part has been used to mimic these notices, but I'm going to change the way i use it in the new year to maybe get a few more people peeking at it. You will see release announcements a day before release dates, as well as more ramblings about running the Boo's business, Fun things with the Jazz club and the trials and tribulations of making products (because lord knows there are many!)

And i think that's about all the babble i have for this last notice! I wish you all a very happy holiday, and a very happy new year. Will wish you that proper in the group gift this week!

Take care, drive safe and don't do anything i wouldn't do!! (leaves it pretty open TBH)



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