Monday, November 1, 2010

Evolving Boo's Products

I have been having a fairly stressful few weeks in my world, but as seems to happen, when things get like that i dive into building. As far as that is concerned it's been a bit crazy at how much i have done. I kind of have a que now of new products to release (which is great because i can keep doing the 1 or 2 weekly releases) and seems no end in sight to more!!

Granted, part of that is a folder i had of half finished stuff that I am finally getting through, like the Boo's Modern Bed i released this past weekend in both Unisex and Girl/Girl formats. Here is a bed i made ages ago for my Modern Home 02, that i always intended to expand and make in different colors....and only now have I finally got around to it!! (though I think it was worth the wait. For a basic bed this thing is loaded with some great animations i didn't have back when i started)

So there are plenty of those kinds of products on the way and I am excited to finally get them out.

As most people know though, I made the Boo's Bits name in SL by making what some call "the best lapdance chair available". This was a product i poured myself into, and tried to make it the very best it could be. The up side to that is, I think I did, and to this day it is still a very popular product. The downside is, when you put that much time and effort into a single can you ever improve on it? if it is "the best" then why bother trying to put out the same thing again?

But what I have recently come to terms with is that I started work on that product almost 8 months ago (maybe more, i can't recall) and the resources at my disposal then are nothing like the resources i have at my disposal now. So all i really needed to do, is pour myself into a product now the same way i did then, and see what possibilities could come from it!

So i have been doing a bit of that, exploring different possibilities, different designs, different animation combination's...and just seeing what i could come up with. And I am pleased to say, i have a very fun new lapdance product coming this weekend as a result!

When setting out to improve on what I had, i first looked at the different things people asked for.

-More Dances (new product will have 5 dances on top of the usual lapdances)
- More Cuddles (The new product has a separate cuddle menu)
- More separation between Male/Female and Female/Female menus (while there is some sharing on the new product, there are more animations specific to each menu)
- Ability to have more than one dancer at a time (done! and very excited about it)
- Different Furniture Design (the new product is most definitely different!)
- Modify (yes many of you wanted a modifiable Lapdance Product, and I'm going to deliver)

I hope that this one will be as popular as the chair, but don't think that the chair is going to be retired. This product is not meant as a replacement nor as a upgrade. This is a whole new product, and i think you will see the difference on release day.

If you can't tell, I'm fairly excited about it :)

Now, I am also thinking about a possible upgrade to the chair in the future, which brings up a few issues i need to think about. First how different will it be? how many more animations? Should i use the same design or a different design? What about people who already purchased it and want a upgrade?

I have already thought of how to resolve a few of those things but until i sort out the rest I am holding off on a upgrade (first and foremost, people who already own the chair will be offered a chance to get the new one in a low cost exchange process...pain in the butt for me, but good deal for you!)

I am thinking about doing a limited edition Green version of the chair for Christmas, maybe finding a charity to help donate some of the proceeds too. Not sure if that would appeal to anyone, but I have always wanted to be a in position where i could do something to help others that way, and this seems like a good time to do it. Any suggestions for a charity? Something that will help families that need it over christmas? Let me know!!

That's my update for now. Will do a proper release update on Thursday night (Friday morning) for the new product I am sure i have got your mouths watering over :) meanwhile come to the Boo's main store to test out the new Modern Bed!!


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