Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The BOO is Back!!!


I finally got some products finished and ready for release after having been distracted by tv since xmas lol. So lets not waste too much time yabbering on and saying sorry for taking so long...lets get right to the products!!

First up, my favorite new product:

This one is a nice Laundry room set with a animated Menu. It comes only in Unisex with Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl menus, is 18 prims and sells for a nice low price of 650L. Made with some very nice sculpted prims and containing 68 Quality animations, laundry has never been so much fun!!

It is available at the Boo's Main store and on the marketplace.

Here is a handy video demo of the product!

Next up, I have another bed named for a friend in the Classic series, The Shieva, which comes in 5 colors, and contains Single, Friends, Couples, Threesome and D/S animations. It also includes a new solo menu not on any of my other beds for "chained" animations. This is good for Captive Roleplay.

Unisex version contains 235 Animations, the Lesbian version 180. 15 Prims and Modify/Transfer

 Now Available at the Boo's store or the Marketplace

Last but not least I have a new couples couch, in both Unisex and Lesbian flavors. Comes in 6 Colors, and are packed full of all the animations you love to have!

It weighs in at 16 prims, the unisex version having 192 Animations and the Lesbian version having 123

All the products are now available in Store and on the marketplace. Come and get em!!!



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