Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Outdoors with BOO!!!

Hey blog reading peoples!! I have a couple new releases for you this week. 2 of which are alternate versions of a product I released last year, mainly just different designs to give some variety.

Boo's Pier of Romance II and Boo's Pier of Romance III

These are very similar to the Pier of Romance I, however they only come in a single Deluxe style, and in are designed differently. The Pier II is a Canopy Pier, which some people had asked me for after the initial release, and The Pier III is a version without any rails or canopy or lanterns at all, which I have been asked to make as well.

The only main difference you will see in Animation menu's is on Pier III, where I removed a few (rail specific) and added a few (mostly under the friends menu). Otherwise you're getting the same great quality Pier as I have released in the past.

Pier II sells for 1099L, and is 23 prims

Pier III sells for 899L and is only 9 prims!

Check them out at the Boo's Main Store, or on the Marketplace.

Next up I have a new basic patio table and chair set, with Female and Male sits. This was created using the Perfect Sitter system, so no pose balls required, yet can adjust your positions to fit your avatar!! Comes in 7 Colors, 4 seats, 6 animations per seat (2 Male and 2 Female) and is only 8 prims.

Sells for 350L in world and at the Marketplace

And That is it for Releases this week. Sorry there was no group gift this month, but I have something coming for Valentines :)



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