Monday, March 5, 2012

Boo's Survey Results and what's next!

Hi everyone!

A Big thank you to everyone who took part in the Boo's Survey for 2012. Got some very useful information from it to use as I set out to start new Boo's products for this year. I thought I'd share some of the results with you while I talk about what I'm planning next.

The first question was about what kind of products you have purchased from Boo's Bits. I admit I was actually surprised that Lapdance chairs was not the #1 item! 54% of you have purchased bedroom products!

So that means I better keep making more of them!

The next question was about the permissions I sell my products with. Most of them being Transfer/Modify. 45% of you said that wasn't your preference, so I am assuming you prefer copy stuff...which makes sense with Question 3 when I asked if you thought it was acceptable to charge a little bit more for products in a Copy format. 64% of you said yes.

For those of you curious as to why I wouldn't sell a copy product for the same price as a Transfer one, it comes down to 2 things. 1) my agreement with the people who animate for me specifies that my minimum pricing be at a higher % for copy items than transfer items. 2) Selling something as a copy product pretty much gives you free reign to rez as many of them as you want, including for your friends if you felt like it. In transfer format you would have to purchase more than one to do that, thus every time you do that with a copy item is revenue I am not making.

That said, the price for copy items won't be unreasonable compared to other sellers in SL of similar quality. The cost will always depend on how many animations I include, how much work I have put into building it, and competitive market value..which I think I've always been fair in.

So with that said, you have spoken loud and clear! Over the next few months I will be re-releasing some products in a copy format, while still keeping the transfer formats for those who want them that way. Watch for more details on that soon as well as how you may be able to upgrade to a copy version (depending on date of purchase).

Next question was: How important is a sex menu in the furniture you purchase. I wasn't surprised that the response was 87% find it very yeah, that's not changing anytime soon! In fact I'll be doing some animation upgrades soon to give you more variety and smoother animations!

Next I asked if there were any products you would like to see that I don't currently offer. A few of the responses:

Tiki style products
A toilet would be nice, or a bathtub
Gothic/vampire look
barn or stable related sex furniture
would like D/s things that are more erotic and not about pain/ restraint/teasing etc

Ok I'll see what I can do :)

Someone also asked me the following:

"My biggest concern has been with prim usage. Will you be developing mesh products, in order to help reduce the number of prims? Thanks!"

The answer to this is....maybe. I know, that's not much of an answer but let me explain how I am approaching mesh and future products.

First of all, if I'm going to create mesh products there is a whole new learning process I will need to take to figure how mesh works for building and texturing, which is a time consuming venture. Because this isn't my primary source of income I just don't have the time to put into it as I'd like to. That may change after the Summer time but if I am totally honest I can't help how I feel in point #2

Which is, my stuff isn't very high prim to begin with really. You can probably furnish a linden home with stuff I make and it would feel very cozy. So I don't see the rush to jump on the mesh bandwagon, nor do I think my business has suffered since the launch of Mesh. In fact over the last few months (sadly while I haven't been around much) the store has never been busier.

So I stand by my Maybe answer. If I get time someday I will most likely dive into mesh, but for now I'm going to stick with what i can do in short spurts without having to re-learn what I have learned :)

The last question in the survey was about support, because that has been a huge concern of mine since I have been away more than available. I do have a smartphone that I try to respond to when I get IM's in email, but I can't always do it. So I think I will be setting up an email and IM method of support (which 48% of you said you would be happy to work with email as a secondary support method).

As soon as I have that set up I'll let you know, and hopefully no one will be missed when im's get capped or SL gets all fucked up :)

Thanks again for taking part in the Survey, and watch for some new stuff coming soon! I have started on 3 new bed products this week! Finally some time to build!



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