Monday, June 6, 2011

Home is where your BOO is! - New Prefab Releases!

Hi all! As I promised last week, I have some Prefab releases for you this week, and I'm really excited about them! Two Residential cottages and a Lil Town unfurnished building to add to the collection!

First up lets look at the Cottages, which are the first (of i hope many) collaborations with my very dear friend Rhiannon Skinstad. The Cottage design and textures were done by Rhiannon, and when I got a hold of them I tweaked them to lower the prim count and then added furniture to them! We hope you enjoy these new buildings

Boo & Rhi Cottage Series 1 and 2

Cottage 1 info:

20x20 footprint

House 128 Prims

Furniture 165 Prims

Cottage 2 Info: 

25x30 footprint

House 138 Prims

Furniture 182 Prims

All parts of the house are Modify and Copy, which means you don't have to worry about losing it, and you can change it around if that takes your fancy! They include a lighting system, and a window tint system, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Hot Tub, Piano and fireplace! 

(furniture is no mod)

Cottage 1 sells for 2000L Complete

Cottage 2 Sells for 2200L Complete

If you are interested in the Cottage but not the furniture, please contact me and I'm sure we can make arrangements!

Please by all means come and have a peek at them on my Prefab Platform, which you can access from any of the teleporters at the main store. They really are lovely homes and I am happy to be able to present them to you through Boo's Bits. 

Here are some pictures of the inside of these great cottages!

Cottage 1

Cottage 2

Last up we have a new Lil Town building. This is one I worked on for a while but was never sure what kind of a building it would end up. Instead of waiting around to decide that, because there really were so many options for it, I decided I'd release it unfurnished and let you folks decide what to put in there!

Lil Town Multipurpose Building - Unfurnished

40x35 Footprint

123 Prims

Window Tinting system included - Seperate Tinting Control for Upstairs and Downstairs

Lights can be turned on/off by switches on the walls. Seperate switches for Main Room Down, Upstairs and conference room

Podium included in the Conference room with a single animation. Sit on Podium to activate.

Let your imagination run wild! And do send me pictures of what you decide to do with it if you buy one!

The Lil Town Multipurpose building sells for 750L

The Group vendor will stay as is for this week, offering the Beach version of the Threesome Lounger, and the deal of the week will be on the the Lil Town Pub! save 15% on its price.

That's it for this week! 



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