Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Way Boo - New Releases!!

Hi everyone!

Just finished up my vacation time and I am happy to have a full month of new releases for you in June!!

Each week I will bring you 2 new products! This week it is some naughty furniture, next week will be some new prefabs, the 3rd week will be a Prefab and another furniture item and the last week will see the launch of Boo's PG line of furniture (No I'm not quitting the naughty stuff, just trying to expand my customer base some!)

So without further babbling from me...here are this weeks releases!!

Boo's Threesome Lounger

I had a lot of requests for Threesome Themed items, so here you go!!

This lounger contains menus for M/M/F, M/F/F and F/F/F combinations! And not to make it entirely about sex I added a Activity and Prelude menu so you and two of your closest friends can warm up to things!

124 Quality Animations, including many you have not seen in a Boo's Product before!!. It is 18 prims and modify/Transfer, selling for 1000L

Next up, a new shower product in 2 versions!!

Boo's Glass Shower

Time to clean up and get dirty while you're at it!! The new Glass Shower comes in 2 versions, a Standard version and a D/S version for those with a little more adventure in you!

You will find it similar to the other showers I created, but with a few additional animations. And if you buy the D/S version you will get almost DOUBLE the animations! That said, you will also double the prims (in order to have chain attachment points it costs more prims on the D/S version)

Standard version  - 14 prims- 46 Animations - Launch Price of 650L

D/S Version - 24 prims - 87 Animations - Launch price of 850L

Here are some more images from both products for you to peek at! (keep in mind all the Bondage poses shown in the shower images are only included in the D/S version)

That's it from me for this week!! Next week some new prefab releases!!



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