Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soaking up some BOO!!! - New Hot Tub Releases

Hot Tub Releases this week. 3 of them to be exact! Custom Models available upon request!

Each tub comes with 161 quality Animations in a menu set up for Single, Friendly, Male/Female, Female/Female and Group situations. The Maberly and Carlyle are 10 prims, and the Tuscany is 13!

Very simple operation to fill and empty the tub, and the menu is accessed from the Boo's logo! touch BOO to get your freak on!!

1099 for the Maberly and Carlyle 1150 for the Tuscany!! Available at the Boo's store in world and on the marketplace!!!

Oh and whoever is flagging my items that are listed adult, for not being listed adult...stop it already damnit!!! They ARE listed as adult! Sheeeesh

That's it for now!!!



Boo's Bits Main store in Second Life

Boo's Marketplace Store

Nynaboo on Twitter: @Nynaboos

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