Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BOO My Valentine!!! - New products, Sales and a 1000L Contest!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Well Valentines day is creeping up on us, and I had a lot of things planned for you. Alas RL got in the way and i only got a couple of them done. But, that doesn't mean we can't get excited because I have a couple valentine theme products for you!!! Oh and a below for the contest info :)

Boo's Valentine Heart Lapdance Chair

 As I said i would have a new lapdance product for Valentines, I am delivering you one!

This version is not as full of options as the other lapdance chairs, but it has all you need to celebrate a nice, romantic and sexy Valentines day with that special someone.

Seperate Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl menu's it has 50 Quality animations, both for lapdancing and getting a bit naughty!

On sale now for only 600L!!!

Here's a few more pictures of the chair for you!!

Next up I have kept the Valentine Heart theme and put together a new Bed product. This one is a Limited Release only until March 1st, so if you want it, get it now!

Boo's Valentines Bed - Basic and D/S Version

 The bed comes in 4 versions. Unisex, Lesbian and D/S versions of both. So if you don't want the D/S menu's, you can still get the bed goodness without paying the extra for them!! And if you do want them, well you can get the versions with them!!

Basic Unisex version is 1000L
Basic Lesbian Version is 900L
Basic Unisex D/S Version is 1200L
Basic Lesbian D/S Version is 1000L

Again, don't forget this is a limited release. Once it is gone it is gone forever!!!

I have also put Boo's Ultimate Dinner Date on sale for only 650L (down from 850L) until Feb 15th. Dinner Tables seem to be popular for Valentines Dates, so grab one of the best ones for a good price!!!

And the Deal of the week in the big pink truck is Boo's Couples Sofa - Black. Find the Pink Truck (which should be easy because i haven't moved it) and save 20% off the regular price. (no i won't swap for a different color on the deal of the week vendor)

Lastly, while I can't honestly remember the official day i opened Boo's Bits, I know we're coming up on, or just passed 1 Year! Wow....1 year....seems like so much longer lol!  Anyway, I am going to make a Executive decision and say March 1st is Boo's Bits Anniversary date! So watch for some exciting events to go with that :)

Oh, and just because I am feeling all good today, If you spend 500L in Boo's store between now March 1st, I will enter your name into a draw for a 1000L Boo's Bits Gift card :)

This only counts for purchases in store......let me say it again...ONLY COUNTS FOR PURCHASES IN STORE!!

I'll announce the winner on March 1st :)

That's it for me!!! Have a great Valentines day weekend!!!



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