Sunday, December 8, 2013

Naked Lady Dance Table - New Product Release!

Boo's Naked Lady Dance Table

Regular 1200L in Modify/Copy format. Special sale price of 800L!! Available in world on on the Marketplace!

In order to keep the Land Impact count down I have not linked all items together and instead put them in a rezzer you can use to position it. Altogether it comes to 38 prims (18 for table, 5 per chair) but because the chairs are not linked to the table you can easily replace them with your own if you wish.

The set is Modify so you can change the colors on the parts if you choose to, and don't worry if you mess something up! It only comes in a copy format so you can just rez another one!

I have tested the Dance Table with Henmations, A&M, Sinewave, S4D and AKEYO animations and they all work. Keep in mind though some dances will move off the space of the table just because of the way they are built. Some of those dances are meant for a dance floor not a table! Nothing I can do about that :)

It can be easily found right at the entrance of the store among the other new releases! But even if it wasn't, did you know you can easily find all my stuff on the Marketplace? You can search Boo's Bits and find me! Super easy!

That's all for today! Hope you enjoy!!

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