Sunday, December 1, 2013

Guess who's back! With new stuff! - BOO IS!!!

Hi everyone!

Wow, you have no idea how nice it is to see so many people still in the VIP group after my long absence of products. You're all awesome, and specifically those of you who have had to put up with some wait times for service when you had issues due to my RL business... thank you!

But now let's get to the good fun stuff! It's Holiday season and I couldn't resist doing something fun this year!

I have 2 new product releases for you, both using some of that fancy MESH stuff! Disclaimer: I didn't make the MESH stuff... still trying to teach myself how to do that... they were created by other great SL merchants who allow them to be used by other merchants for their creations.

But before I get to the new releases I want to tell you about my December sale plans!

Every day of December (except Sundays because busy) until Christmas Eve I will be offering a Boo's Bits product for 50% - 70% off it's regular price! It'll only be available at the sale price for a single day so make sure you get it while you can. For some perspective... a 1500L item could be selling for as little as 450L!!! Whoh! I think I'm losing it!!

So watch for the sales announcements every day (except Sunday) and get yourself some good deals! Don't forget to share the notes with your friends too. I'd hate for them to miss such savings! Many of these sale products may be retired in the new year as well so his -could- be the last chance to get them at a good price!

On to the new products!

And when I say new I mean everything old is new again products! First up, the return of a Holiday standard but better, stronger and Meshier than before! (Is Meshier a word?

More Naughty Than Nice Sleigh 2013

That's right! The More Naughty than Nice Sleigh is back. This time made using mesh and sculpties, refined animations and poses and selling in both a copy and transfer version!

103 Animations

13 land impact!

On sale only until January 1st!

650L for the Transfer version. 1350L for the copy version!

Copy Version can be found here

Transfer Version can be found here

Also available in world at the Boo's Bits Main Store (link at bottom of this entry)

And for our second new release I am pleased to present to you the 5th version of our best selling product! Now with more MESH

Boo's Ultimate Lapdance Chair V5 - MESH Edition

138 Animations. 10 Land Impact. This new and improved version brings us up to date with the technology of Second Life, offering all of the things you liked about the first 4 versions, but with a nicer shell to hold it all in! Available in Copy and Transfer versions

And because I love you all I am releasing this at a Special Holiday price for 1 week only!

Transfer Regular price - 1550L | Sale Price - 800L 

Copy Regular Price - 3300L | Sale Price - 1500L

I mean seriously... you may as well buy the copy version!

Remember 1 week only! Then the price goes up!

We will start the special deals of the day on Monday December 2nd and the notices will be released through the Boo's Bits VIP group! So keep an eye out for them! Great savings this season!

And on a final note, last year I donated a portion of my sale income to a local charity in my city. I have decided to do the same thing again this year. This year I will be donating HALF of my income from Second Life products to Inn From The Cold, an organization in my city that works to help the homeless. (yes I know, I just revealed which city I live in by posting that... DON'T STALK ME!!)




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