Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Boo's Changes and Group Information - Official Release

Posted on January 7th 2014

On January 17th Boo's Bits will be re-branding into Boo's Furniture & More. As a result the main store will be closed from the 17th until the 20th. Marketplace sales will still be available.

Please note the major changes to the Boo's brand and group changes

Group Changes:

- Boo's Bits VIP group will be closing. Please join the new group "Boo's Furniture & More VIP Group". You can come to the landing platform at the Boo's Bits store now to join.

Link to Boo's Bits Landing Platform

- The new group is free to join until January 20th after which there will be a small fee of 100L so we can avoid group hoppers and offer more to our members.

- All products sold will have a VIP group discount of either 10%, 15% or 20%. Products are marked showing the amount VIP members save

-A subscriber group will also be available (Though we are currently changing groups due to the old one no longer working properly. Should be available soon). The Subscriber group is free but will have no discounts or special offers.

Product and Store Changes:

- All products will be sold in Modify/Copy format (With the exception of some Marketplace items

- All products sold in store will be available if lost via a redelivery terminal

- Our vending system has changed to Caspertech allowing purchase as gift options

- We have downsized our store to be more compact and easier to find what you are looking for

- Boo's Bits Gift certificates will no longer be valid as of January 17th. Please use them now if you still have some. Our Gift Certificate system will be replaced with CasperTech

- Pricing changes: While there will be some price increases due to moving to a Mod/Copy permission format, generally all prices for copy products will be lower than before. Remember, when you buy something that is copyable you can always get a redelivery if lost, and rez as many copies as you like. This is why Copy products are priced higher. It is a worthy investment for both you and the store just for the reduced risk of losing the item.

- Free upgrades: Another advantage to moving in a Mod/Copy format is that if a specific product is changed or script updated, you can always get the most updated version from our new redelivery terminals. (This does not count for new release versions or designs, only for upgrades and changes to previously sold items)

Ownership Changes

- Our partnership with Waking Dream has expanded to make Jon Enimo a co-owner of the Boo's brand. Jon has been a part of Boo's world in Second Life for the entire time we have been here and this new partnership is very welcome to take some of the load off of Nynaeve.

Note: Please do not send support messages to Jon. Nynaeve Rhapsody is still the primary Boo's contact. He's just helping behind the scenes :) Do however, check out his projects which will be on the sim as of February. 

We would like to thank you for your continued support and hope you will continue to support us after the changes take effect. We are looking forward to bringing you more exciting fun naughty products this year!

Boo's Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/51

Nynaboo on Twitter @Nynaboo

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