Friday, August 27, 2010

Boo's Pier of Romance

Hi everyone :)

Lets move on from that Emerald drama shall we? mhm mhm mhm yes lets!

Boo's Bits is proud to present!!

I'm fairly excited about this one...had been working on a few variations for a while. In the end i decided on this one because it seemed so many without rails were being sold lately, so i went with this sculpt map, added some lanterns, some pillows and a multi animation menu for both Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl couples.

Lookit the video here

I know, some of you are going to look and say "hey isn't that just the pillows from your rug?" and the answer is....well yeah...but i did go through the menus, took out animations and added different animations, making sure it wasn't just a rug copy. Every animation set picked to compliment the product, and not just used as a shortcut to push out something new. Like i said, i have been working on this for a while (in fact i started on this before i even released the rug...the rug idea coming to me after i threw the pillows on the first pier no apologies from me!!)

Two versions available, a Basic at 699L, and a deluxe at 1099L Here's a peek

Basic version

Price 699
Prims 17


Solo - 9 Options
Friends - 6 Options
Couples Menu
-Romance - 6 options
-Sex - 6 Options
-Romantic - 6 Options
-Sexual - 6 Options

Deluxe Version
Price 1099
Prims 17


-Sits - 6 options
-Relaxing - 9 options
-Pier - 6 options
Meditate - Single animation
Yoga - Single Animation
-2Friends - 9 options
-3Friends - 9 options (including cuddle for F/F/F and F/F/M)
Couples Menu
-Romance - 25 options
-Sex - 15 Options
-Romantic - 24 Options
-Sexual - 18 Options

No surprise that the girls get a few extra sexy ani's...hehe ;)

The lanterns work the same way as on the bridge of romance...leave them be and they will turn on/off with the sun. Or click them to do it manually.

Hope you enjoy this new product!! Now available in world and on xstreet and new marketplace



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