Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boo's Bits - Lil Town Adult Club

New prefab for the lil town series was released this week on xstreet, the new marketplace beta and in world. This is a adult themed club with 3 levels and some furniture.

The general idea was to offer a multi-purpose building for the adult businesses that we know would find their way into any town! There is always a market for it after all!. It started really as a brothel idea, then as a strip club idea, then i decided to just combine what I could from both ideas to make it be whatever people would want it to be. Use the main level as a strip club, the middle level to advertise escorts and the top level for private lapdances! or not. it's really open to anything.

Here are the details

3 levels: dancer level, Ad level and Multi-purpose level
20x30 footprint
182 prims total
Prim Breakdown:
Building: 88
Lobby Couches: 8
Customer Chairs: 4
Picture Frames: 1 prim each (5 total, No Copy)
Upstairs Couches: 18 each
Dance Pad Sample: 4 each (2 total, no copy)
Bartender: 1
Bar Prop: 2

3 Level building, mostly furnished. 2 rooms upstairs left empty with sliding doors for private rooms, offices or whatever you would like (if you need furnishings for those rooms boo's does have some at our store)
U Shaped Dancer stage ideal for Dance poles(not included)
Multi Sit customer chairs with male and Female sits
Animated Female shadow Textures to add to atmosphere of the building
Muiti Avatar couches, no pose balls. Lobby couches seat 2. Upstairs couches seat 3 singles and 1 couple.
2 Samplers of Boo's dance Pad (no copy). If you wish to purchase a full version please come to our store in world!
Bartender with 99 Drink Menu
Can set locked or access list on Sliding doors on 3rd floor
Second Floor ideal for escort ads or games
5 Texture Changing Picture Frames, with some sexy images loaded. You can load your own images as well and remove the ones inside them. (these are no copy)
Building comes with Modify/Copy rights with a lot possibilities for expansion
Quality Animations only, no freebie or static poses in furniture.

You can see it on my rez platform if you like! That's it for now!!!


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